North Carolina Confederate Flag Day

Date: Saturday, 7 March 2009
Time: 2PM

The North Carolina State Capitol in Raleigh NC hosts the 20th annual North Carolina Confederate Flag Day ceremony. The First National Confederate Flag will be raised over the State Capitol.

This year’s keynote speaker is Dr. Lee Congdon, Professor at James Madison University. Dr. Congdon’s most recent book is a biographical study of the famous American diplomat and the formulator of American foreign policy against Communism, George Kennan. Dr. Congdon’s talk is entitled: "How They See the Old South and the Southern Cause – Thoughts from George Kennan and Others." He will discuss how great American leaders includng Kennan felt about our Confederate ancestors.

The Confederate monument in front of the State Capitol is currently under attack, and the Confederate flag flying over the State Capitol will be attacked next. Come out on this special day to show support for the flag and the monument.

The Capitol is located at 1 E. Edenton Street in Raleigh. For further details or directions, please call (919) 733-4994 or send e-mail to



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