Teachers Colleges–Helping to Build the New World Order

by Al Benson Jr.

Back in September of 1948 a man named Augustus G. Rudd wrote something called Education For The New Social Order. Mr. Rudd was chairman of the Guardians of America Foundation. He wrote about a book called Conclusions and Recommendations which apparently was a book dealing with how to spread propaganda through the government schools. Mr. Rudd’s comments are quite revealing. He noted: "From Conclusions and Recommendations we learn in detail how this indoctrination through the schools is to be accomplished. The propaganda vehicle is to be the new Social Studies course, supplanting the traditional United States history, geography, and civics. Textbooks are to be rewritten, special courses and teacher’s guides are to be prepared and other teaching material is to be carefully selected to accomplish this purpose." In retrospect, how many of you can remember taking classes in American history as opposed to taking "social studies" classes. I graduated from high school way back in the late 1950s and all I ever remember were Social Studies classes.

Mr. Rudd also observed that: "Soon the entire scheme of indoctrination…(will be) entrenched in our educational system from grade schools to colleges…Then teachers’ colleges fall into line by making similar courses mandatory for those seeking advanced degrees…And so the cycle of propaganda is complete. All of which has been financed by millions of…dollars from educational foundations assisting to cut the throat of the very system which created them."

So they started out by brainwashing the teachers, who, in turn, brainwash the students, and no one would know the difference, teachers, students, or parents. Naturally, the United Nations, the Communist vehicle for one world government, got into the act. This was too good for them to pass up. Congressman John T. Wood of Idaho noted, back in 1951 that: "UNESCO’s scheme to pervert public education appears in a series of nine volumes, titled Toward World Understanding which presume to instruct kindergarten and elementary grade teachers in the fine art of preparing our youngsters for the day when their first loyalty will be to a world government…" The UNESCO material shows teachers how to eliminate anything, words, pictures, maps, anything that would cause students to feel any loyalty to their country. Things such as "the outgrowth of the narrow family spirit" must be dealt with and eliminated. Needless to say, anything which promoted loyalty to one’s home state or region must also be removed.

Recently I read an article entitled Are Public Schools A Propaganda Arm Of Liberals? It was posted on www.home60515.com  and it dealt with the academic quality of teacher’s colleges. The article started out with this thought: "Before we direct our attention to the question of whether the public schools are a propaganda arm for liberals we need to lay some groundwork…In Massachusetts, in April 1998, ‘close to 60% of aspiring teachers flunked the state’s certification exam.’" The author continued: "In July 1997 ‘a school district in Suffolk County, N. Y., gave teaching applicants an 11th grade reading test. Three quarters of them flunked the test. Similar results are reported from other parts of New York and the nation. One third of the applicants in Virginia flunked a basic skills test.’"

The article goes on to note that our teacher training schools are "known to be underperforming" and that "fewer than 70 percent of graduates (of our schools of education) meet state licensing requirement…(G)raduate schools of education…remain at the botton of academia’s pecking order." The article observes that, for the most part, more academically able students do not seem to be attracted enough to enter the teaching profession. So, if the more academically able are not entering the teaching profession, then who exactly is? Good question. And I need to state at this point, that I am not saying that all of the public school teachers in this country are below par. I personally know several Christian public school teachers that are highly intelligent and that actually feel they have a calling to try to educate children. However the system really does nothing to help them and, in many cases, discourages them. Some I know have retired out of discouragement.

But it seems that many of those who do enter the profession are imbued with a leftist mindset and have seen the possibilities of passing along their socialist worldviews to students. These folks seem to have literally flocked in. And, if you understand the actual history of government schooling in this country you will understand why that is. If you know the history it should come as no surprise. If you don’t know the history it shocks you. Maybe you need to learn the history. The Unitarians and socialists who pushed the agenda for government-controlled education way back in the 1830s could hardly be labeled as right-wingers!

The article went on to observe that the faculties at many colleges seem to be liberal, and mostly Democrats. It goes on to say that this country is experiencing a moral and social decline and that government schools are a major contributor to that decline.

Several years ago I read a book called Ed School Follies written by Rita Kramer. She noted, in a talk with a professor that the professor said: "But the real problem in the schools is the disadvantaged. And there to really make a difference you have to change society." This is exactly what the Unitarian/socialist founders of government education in this country attempted to do–change society into what they thought it should be.  Education for them was not merely the passing on of knowledge and the attempt to get students to think and reason–its main goal was the changing of society–the molding of the American character–if you will.

Kramer said: "The ‘new left’ social scientists who came on the scene in the late 1960s began to reinterpret American history and sociology from  preponderantly Marxist point of view, and nowhere were the revisionists more radical than in the field of schooling." Actually this reinterpretation of our history has been going on for much longer, but it has become more apparent in recent years to more people.

I am consistently reminded when I research various educational material that the tenth plank of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto (actually it wasn’t his, he was hired to write it) was "free education for all children in public schools." So, what better and more appropriate place for leftist education than those colleges which teach our country’s teachers? The best way to avoid this mess is to keep your children out of the government school system if at all possible.

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