Letter: Flies Confederate flag to show pride

Mitchell Flinchum, Liberty

published March 28, 2009

I read with interest Dave Russell’s opinion piece, “Confederate flag battles just aren’t worth the hassle anymore,” (AC-T, March 22). I can appreciate his opinion, and without trying to be “preachy” I would like to offer mine.

I choose to display the Confederate flag because I am Southern. I am proud of the South and for what our ancestors tried to do in fighting for their independence against a far superior enemy.

Displaying the flag opens a dialogue. That dialogue is the only thing that will stop the ethnic cleansing of real Southerners and the suppression of any discussion of the reasons for that terrible war other than the slavery issue.

I’m not guilty of any abuses committed under that flag or of misuses of it. I will not accept guilt for their actions. I will fly my flag proudly, for if I don’t take a stand, that right may be taken from me, and that would be the true crime.

Mitchell Flinchum, Liberty

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