Uses Confederate flag to teach history and against hate

Greg Hernandez, Quicksburg, Va.

published March 28, 2009

Regarding the column, “Confederate flag battles just aren’t worth the hassle anymore,” (AC-T, March 22): Though I may be disappointed that many people see the Cross of St. Andrews flag a symbol of hate, the answer is not to furl it up. It is our job to continue to teach people of its true meaning and to get it out of the hands of those who use it to hate.

Try telling the 11,300 re-enactors who recreated Gen. Pickett’s charge at Gettysburg that they should just forget the men they honored. Tell it to the living historians (like me) who carry that flag into Northern states teaching students that hate is a terrible thing and that those who dishonor the flag are the ones who are themselves dishonored. Instead of telling those of us who remember our history to hide it, maybe you should be saying let’s take our flag back from those who are disgacing it. Why should those who honor their ancestors and honor the history of our country have to continue to be ridiculed for the actions of hateful people? We need to overturn the rocks these people hide under and publicly open them up to the disgrace they deserve.

Greg Hernandez, Quicksburg, Va.

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