The Prophesy Of Jefferson Davis

Commentary by J. A. Davis

Those who have followed the various writers of the Georgia Heritage Council may note that one of our recurring themes which highlights a quotation from President Jefferson Davis seems to be growing closer and closer to being among the most prophetic thinking in American history.

You remember, the one about the cause of Constitutional Liberty reasserting itself, at another time and arena.

"The principle for which we contend is bound to reassert itself, though it may be at another time and in another form." –Jefferson Davis

With the advent of almost a thousand Tea Parties taking place in the USA on federal tax day, it is appropriate we comment.

The leading exhibit is the story carried in the Dallas News regarding remarks made by Governor Perry of Texas. His remarks are not merely political talk. They represent righteous indignation with the conditions that have surrounded all liberty loving Americans. He has no timidity in using the word secession. While not immediately advocating secession, he makes plain it is an option.

What is interesting is the fact that Governor Perry goes into detail addressing the Tenth Amendment and what it really means. Unlike so many politicians who have run around yelling "States Rights", he went into detail describing many of the elements of the Tenth Amendment that are synergistic with each other. He captures the comprehensive thoughts our Founders had in mind in keeping our government small and responsive to the people and the localities where they live—the principle of decentralization. It was never intended to be a government of one size fits all.

Guess what? He stopped the liberal critics cold in their tracks. There was not one comment that I saw falsely tying slavery to the 10th Amendment.

"The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." –U.S. Constitution, Amendment X

There will be others who will follow the example set by the Texas governor. Already we have seen efforts by South Carolina and Louisiana to declare their sovereignty.

With the new guidelines issued by the federal Homeland Security, it is dangerous to report in any favorable light news such as this. If you’ve followed the details of these guidelines, you’re probably as amazed as me that such Orwellian tactics could ever be considered in America, let alone issued to law enforcement agencies.

Those who follow our GHC commentaries may see some clear similarities in the guidelines issued by Homeland Security and the Southern Poverty Law Center — the self-proclaimed authority on "hate" and "hate groups."

Combat veterans are suspicious, gun owners are under scrutiny, folks who have anti-abortion bumper stickers are now listed, along with those who oppose gay marriage. We can expect organizations such as the Sons of Confederate Veterans to be included in the list of potential terrorists for no valid reason. Efforts will likely be made to infiltrate the ranks to inform on "suspicious" members.

Does it seem interesting to you that almost all of the members of organizations that have actively opposed the socialist and cultural designs of the Obama administration are included in the security watch list?

Folks, this is more than intimidation. It is the beginning of the Third Revolution. Let’s just hope this one can be settled with reasonable respect in a peaceful manner.

We must recognize there is a great divide in the thinking and political philosophy of America. Differences and the debate about them is the American way. Threatening those adversaries with the powers of a tyrannical government will make Jefferson Davis the great American hero he was and will be in the future history as recorded by fair minded lovers of liberty throughout the world.

Go Governor Perry.

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