How Do Anti-Southern Bigots “Celebrate” Confederate History Month?

Posted April 27, 2009
by Al Benson Jr.

The title line of this article may sound like an odd question but, in a sense, it isn’t. Those of us who are pro-Southern and pro-Confederate have certain, specific ways to celebrate that which we hold to be dear and worth remembering. In our celebration we have sought to learn the truths of history and to dispel many of the "historical" myths that have been spun for so long that we might teach our children the truth instead of the "cunningly devised fables" so inherent in government school "history" books.

However, those who have not taken the time and trouble to seek to learn the truth have usually been co-opted by various leftist demagogues who seek to get them to react to certain "hot button" issues in ways that will create class struggle and serve far-left political interests.

So how do the untutored and unlearned (who have no real interests in facts) choose to "celebrate" Confederate History Month? Some may celebrate it the way Michael J. Mitchell of Sarasota, Florida did recently.  Mitchell, a Sarasota Military Academy student who is black recently shot and seriously wounded Sarasota High School student Dan A. Azeff with a pistol. What did Azeff do to receive such treatment? Well, he and some of his friends were walking down Main Street and Azeff was wearing a hat with a Confederate flag on it and also carrying a Confederate flag. As far as leftists and liberals are concerned that’s a shooting offense right there.  So Mitchell initiated a confrontation, asking Azeff if he was a racist. An argument ensued and Mitchell pulled out the gun and shot Azeff in the chest. And it appears, at this point, that he walked off after the shooting because he was arrested at his home later on a charge of aggrevated battery.  The news story I read dealing with this event was noticibly spare on details and left a number of questions unasked and unanswered. Did Mitchell, who is 18 years old, have a permit to carry the pistol? If not, is he guilty of carrying a concealed weapon? Should the charge be aggrevated assault instead of aggrevated battery? Should this incident be considered a hate crime?  You can bet your cavalry boots that, had the situations been reversed and a white kid did this to a black kid it would, even as I write, be considered the hate crime of the century and "civil rights" marches would already be in the process of being organized in protest. But because the victim is white none of this will happen. Those who know how the system works realize it’s only a hate crime if a white does it to a black. It’s never a hate crime if the reverse is true. After all, only white commit hate crimes–blacks are incapable of such behavior–ask the Southern Poverty Law Center!  And so Michael Mitchell has "celebrated" Confederate History Month by shooting a white youngster his own age that he "thinks" might have been a "racist" because he had the unmitigated gall to wear a hat with a Confederate flag on it. It would probably come as a monumental surprise to Mr. Mitchell, but there are actually folks out there who do wear clothing witn Confederate symbols on it that are not racists!

I remember a black lady my wife and I knew up in Illinois years ago. We worked for the same organization. My wife had a small Confederate Battle Flag hanging on the front of her desk and I had a bigger one hanging on the cabinet next to my desk. One day this black lady stopped and talked to my wife and told her she now understood that Confederate symbols did not have racial meaning to many folks that used them, because my wife and I had always treated her with courtesy and dignity and she understood that, in our case, the Confederate symbols had nothing to do with race. Happily, that’s the way it is in most cases.

Then, there was the recent case in Auburn, Alabama, where a black city councilman saw a cemetary in which some graves had Confederate flags on them, and he just felt it was his civic duty to enter the cemetary and remove those Confederate flags from the graves where relatives had placed them. One lady happened to be present when the city councilman, "Bishop" Arthur Dowdell, yanked the Confederate flag off her great grandfather’s grave. She said: "He pulled up the flag, snapped it in two and put it in his car."  Oh my, a "Bishop" who is a flag thief? What gave him the right to bother someone else’s grave? Did the Auburn City Council appoint Bishop Dowdell to the post of official Confederate flag puller for the city of Auburn, or does he just go around on his own destroying and removing private property he doesn’t personally like or agree with? I checked out "Bishop" Dowdell on the Internet but could never quite seem to find any references as to what denomination he is a bishop in. Be that as it may, "Bishop" Dowdell remains unrepentant in his pilfering of Confederate graves, saying he’d do it again. And so "Bishop" Dowdell "celebrates" Confederate History Month by removing all Confederate flags, symbols, etc. that he personally doesn’t agree with.  It would appear that he is quite at home with the Yankee/Marxist mindset that says to destroy or remove what you don’t like.

It is interesting to see how those on the left, whether they even realize it or not, react to what they don’t like–everything from shooting to stealing. These folks, whether they grasp the fact or not, are displaying for all the world just how leftist "tolerance" really works.

It makes you wonder where the political and religious left really wants to take this country. Do they want to get it to the point where anyone displaying anything remotely Confederate does so at the peril of his life? And since most Confederate symbols have Christian origins, do they then decide to go after the church? Something to think about.

Content ©2009  Al Benson Jr.

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