Another Way to Fight Back–Just Sue ‘Em!

Al Benson Jr.

As the promotion of cultural genocide continues in government schools throughout
the South, some families seem to have found a new way to fight back–lawsuits
against the government school entities that seem to be promoting and upholding
the attempts to destroy Southern culture for the next generation. A couple cases
I recently read about come to mind.

Tom DeFoe, a senior at Anderson County Career and Technical School in Tennessee
has been suspended twice already this year for wearing clothing with Confederate
symbols on it. In October, one day, he wore a T-shirt to school that had a Confederate
flag on it along with the caption "If you have a problem with this flag
you need a history lesson." Although I probably would not have worn such
a shirt to school, I cannot disagree with the sentiment expressed on it. Those
who do, indeed, hate Confederate symbols because they are supposedly racist
really do need a history lesson. You have to wonder where they got the information,
so-called, that everything Confederate is inherently racist.

Anyway, Tom is suing the local school board, claiming they have violated his
constitutional rights. His lawyer, Val Irion, has noted that the school’s dress
code is "unduly vague" and allows the school officials to enforce
their guidelines in an arbitrary manner, basically when and how they choose.
I wonder if, in the same school, Malcolm X T-shirts would also be considered
racist. Somehow I think not. And, the school dress code doesn’t specifically
ban the Confederate flag. So these public educrats are basically deciding on
their own what they like and don’t like, and heaven help you should you decide
to wear something they don’t like! I realize you need some restrictions on certain
types of dress for the sake of decency, but this thing with Confederate symbols
has progressed from decency to cultural genocide.

The other case is in Farmington, Missouri, where a high school student is now
suing his school district because he was suspended for wearing a cap and T-shirt
with a Confederate flag on them. Yet another case of the race card being played.
Bryce Archambo had a teacher seize his cap with a Confederate flag on it back
in September. When his father went to complain he was told his son could not
wear anything with a Confedertate symbol on it "due to the alleged inherent
racism that such insignia sends." Note the word "alleged" here,
which signifies that such racism has only been alluded to or alleged, not really
proven. But, then, even the hint of an allegation is enough for the school district.

Bryce’s lawsuit notes that the school district’s policy violates the state
law which stops prohibitions against emblems or clothing that are not disruptive.
And in this case there has been no mention of any disruption at the school because
of what Bryce wore. The only disruption involved was when the school authorties
sought to prohibit him from wearing anything with a Confederate symbol on it.
There were no race riots on account of his Confederate clothing, but maybe that’s
because neither Je$$e Jackson or Al Sharpton were in the area. Im sure they
could have been prevailed upon to throw a little kerosene on the fire! No one
except the school authorities seems to have said anything about Bryce’s Confederate
clothing. Had there been some sort of incident the school authorities might
have used that as an excuse, but there was nothing. Which leads you to believe
that someone at Bryce’s school also doesn’t like Confederate symbols.

This whole concept of Confederate symbols being "inherently racist"
is something that really needs to be looked into. Government school officials
seem so ready, almost poised at the starting gate, to ban anything even remotely
Confederate, while all other kinds of clothing and symbols seem to just get
a pass.

It almost seems as if there has been a monstrous brainwashing job done on Southern
folks in the government school system so they have been taught to be ashamed
of and to hate their own heritage and history. You don’t think that’s something
that could have been done on purpose do you. After all, that would be cultural
genocide–and they wouldn’t do that to us–would they???

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