Anti-Confederate Media Spin

by Al Benson Jr.

You have to admire the gall of the leftist news media in this country. Recently I posted an article about how a black young man shot a white young man in the chest because the white youngster carried a Confederate flag and wore a hat with a Confederate symbol on it.

Today there appeared in a Florida newspaper an editorial that, basically, made the whole incident the white kid’s fault. The editorial rambled on about how the Confederate flag belongs in a museum, not out on the streets where it can offend black people and so, really, the whole incident can be laid at the door of the white youngster–it’s really his fault that he got shot and therefore the black kid is really not responsible.

This is typical of the media spin put on most subjects today. News, real news, is the last thing those people want to report, but they do want to take incidents such as this and use them shamelessly as part of their anti-Southern agenda. So their whole "story" ends up as "no matter who got hurt or who fired the shots, its really all the white guys’ fault. I don’t know about others, but I get a little sick of this racebaiting by people who try to tell me all they are doing is "reporting the news." The media today are little more than spinmasters for the political left.

Even if the white youngster waved the Confederate flag in the black youngster’s face, insensitive as that might have been, it was no excuse for the black youngster to pull out a pistol and shoot him–so, strange as it might seem in this climate where everybody blames somebody else for their actions, the black kid is responsible for his shooting of the white kid.

I don’t like the Malcolm X symbols I have seen all around over the years, but if someone waved a Malcolm X flag in my face, though I might be disgusted, I certainly wouldn’t shoot him. The fact that this black youngster felt he had to shoot someone amply displays what the leftist mentality in this country has done to people.

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