Dissing the Declaration

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The government supremacists are still wringing their manicured hands over the renewed interest in secession. A Daily KOS poll revealed support for secession in other Southern states comparable to that in Texas, with nearly a third of Georgia Republicans opting for restoring self-government. That prompted this snarky little comment:

Note to the teabaggers: two-thirds of Republicans in one of the more conservative states in the nation love their country and don’t want to secede.

(Question: Are these people NEVER going to quit making that adolescent joke about the Tea Party protests? Really.)

The assumption in that comment is that anyone who wants to break away from the control of the overgrown bureaucracy in DC does not love his country.

But the Kossacks have got it backwards: It’s DC we want to escape, not the nation we know and love. Love of country isn’t the same as obedience to DC. The central government has mutated into an alien, occupying force determined to reconstruct the country we love through total government control of the economy, education, and thought. It is shoving demographic revolution down our throats, and branding us as "racist" if we object. At the same time, practising our basic rights of free speech and dissent are now viewed as evidence of disloyalty and "extremism."

That’s why secession has roared back into the marketplace of ideas, not as a repudiation of our beloved culture and nation, but as the only means of holding on to what’s left of them.

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