The Redefining of Americans

by Al Benson Jr.

We are all terrorists and right-wing extremists now except for the socialist utopians in Washington

Ever since the advent of the socialist Obama regime (not that Bush wasn’t a socialist, he was) we seem to be going through a period where ordinary American citizens are in the process of being redefined as "right-wing extremists" and "terrorists" if they dare to hold any view whatever that is contrary to the socialist worldview of the current administration. Even completely legal, and sometimes nominal, opposition to the socialist plans of the Obama regime are labelled as "right-wing extremism." It seems that Mr. Obama has adopted the old Bushite scheme of labelling those that don’t agree with him as being in favour of terrorism. I can remember Bush saying, right after 9/11, that if we weren’t for him and his dictatorial programs then we must be in favour of the terrorists. What an effective way to silence legitimate dissent! How many people that should have spoken up were silenced by that specious argument?

It’s an old game. The leftists have played it for years, usually with much success. If someone doesn’t like your leftist schemes and seeks to expose them to the public, don’t deal with the facts he presents–just label him a "racist" or, worse, yet, an "anti-Semite." Both of these epithets are guaranteed to shut many people up when they have facts and valid opposing views worth presenting.

And now Obama, the supposed candidate for "change" is following the same plan, doing exactly the same thing Bush and others did in the past. Is there really anything new under the sun? The only "change" we seem to have gotten is that Obama and company seem to want to outdo Bush in their rush for dictatorial power. But then, maybe he and his handlers sense the growing opposition and so they want to consolidate their authoritarian control quickly, before that opposition solidifies.

Recently, from the state of Missouri, we had a "report" which basically stated that followers of Ron Paul, Pastor Chuck Baldwin, and Bob Barr were potential terrorists, and all because they refused to recognise the glories of Washington socialism and voted for those "extremist" candidates. You have to wonder where the powers that be in Missouri got all their information about these potential "right-wing extremists" from. Don’t suppose some of the impetus for their report came from Washington, do you, or maybe from the Southern Poverty Law Center? Maybe Missouri was the trial balloon floated to see how such a report would be received. It wasn’t well received at all, and the state of Missouri ended up withdrawing or recalling it–so they said.

Then on American tax day, April 15th, hundreds of thousands of ordinary citizens rallied in cities and towns all across the country to protest confiscatory taxation from Washington. Once the Washington socialist elite saw how much opposition there was across the country they had to respond, and they did so by labelling the legitimate protesters as "right-wing extremists." After all, if you don’t love "Big Brother" then you must, by definition, be an extremist! Normal folks all just swoon over socialism don’t they? So if you don’t there must be something wrong with you.

I realise there were some Republican politicians that rode the coat-tails of the TEA Parties, people who had no problem with high taxes as long as Republicans were passing them, but they were far from the majority of the people that protested. Sure they sought to co-opt the protests, and they will again, but ordinary working folks shouldn’t let them. I read of one rally where the politicians were going to get up and talk and the protesters wouldn’t allow them to. The ordinary folks told them flat out "This is your time to listen to us!" Good for them. It should have happened in more places.

And now, virtually on the heels of the April 15th TEA Parties, we have a report issued by the Dept. of Homeland Security that deals with "domestic extremism." The report, an enlarged version of one issued earlier that only dealt with groups on the political right, now lists many groups on both sides of the spectrum, and some of them belong there, but surely not all.

The report is basically a hodge-podge that looks like it was cobbled together by the Committee to re-elect Millard Filmore. It contains definitions of various groups. I will quote a couple briefly–"Aboveground–A term used to describe extremist groups or individuals who operate overtly and portray themselves as law-abiding." What exactly do they mean by that? Are they accusing those who lawfully exercise their First Amendment rights in legitimate protest as extremists who are pretending to be "law-abiding"?

The report also deals with alternative news sources, something the socialists really detest. Of them they say "Alternative media–a term used to describe various information sources that provide a forum for interpretations of events and issues that differ radically from those presented in mass media products and outlets." Now ain’t that one a kick? For my part, I get almost no information from the mass media because the mass media has long since sold out to the leftists. I use the mass media to get weather reports and to check out which baseball teams won or lost last night. On weighter matters they simply cannot be trusted. So all of my real news sources come from what the socialists call the "alternative media." I expect, in their eyes, that makes me a right-wing extremist of monumental proportions!

Stay tuned, folks, because, Lord willing, we are not finished yet.

Copyright ? 2006-2009 Al Benson, Jr.

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