Waging war on the South

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Let’s start with this bit of leftist purple prose from, you guessed it, the Southern Poverty Law Center, in an article entitled "Southern hostility aimed at Latinos":

"We found a population under siege and living in fear — fear of the police, fear of the government and fear of criminals who prey on immigrants because of their vulnerability," reported the Southern Poverty Law Center last month, after conducting a survey of 500 low-income Latinos — including legal residents, undocumented immigrants and U.S. citizens in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina and Louisiana.

While that region is now home to the fastest-growing population of Latinos in the country, the SPLC’s report noted that "many in Dixie aren’t treating their new neighbors with any semblance of Southern hospitality."

Yep — "a population under siege and living in fear" — that’s exactly what Latinos here in Charlotte are going through right now. As we speak, yahoos with Confederate Battleflags are lobbing mortar fire at the heart of the Charlotte barrio. Trebuchets loaded with boulders and lead pellets are lining up at the perimeter to break down the Latinos’ last defensive walls. Any moment now …

Meanwhile, here in the real world, the local Latin American Coalition receives $100,000 from Mecklenburg County taxpayers, as well as funds from the United Way. Strange way to lay siege to a population under fear.

And notice how we’re referred to as "the Sunbelt" or the ultra-bland "Southeast" when the article’s about economic growth in the South, where confiscatory taxes are (as yet) unknown, and private property is respected. But when it comes to race, we’re once again "the South" or "Dixie."

Why is that? Because it’s really the South and Southern culture that are under siege. Military strategist John Boyd identified three distinct elements in total war:

Moral Warfare: the destruction of the enemy’s will to win, via alienation from allies (or potential allies) and internal fragmentation. Ideally resulting in the "dissolution of the moral bonds that permit an organic whole [organization] to exist." (i.e., breaking down the mutual trust and common outlook mentioned in the paragraph above.)

Mental Warfare: the distortion of the enemy’s perception of reality through disinformation, ambiguous posturing, and/or severing of the communication/information infrastructure.

Physical Warfare: the destruction of the enemy’s physical resources such as weapons, people, and logistical assets.

While General Sherman excelled at the third element, the globalists are determined to eliminate the greatest cultural barrier to Big Government by concentrating on the first two. Anything they and their flunkies in the media can do to disparage the South goes into print, or hits the airwaves. Whatever the medium, there’s a constant drumbeat pounding the message that Southern culture, with its religious faith, love of family, and reverence for tradition, is an evil to be shunned and destroyed.

The Charlotte Observer echoed the same points in an editorial entitled, "Southern hospitality? Not for immigrants, it seems," with a header that proclaimed, "New report says hostile policies chill previous welcoming spirit."

In addition to applying Boyd’s "Moral Warfare," the accusation that Southerners are not hospitable and welcoming to illegal aliens is an application of Saul Alinsky’s Rule Number 4, which states:

"Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules." The besieged entity’s very credibility and reputation is at stake, because if activists catch it lying or not living up to its commitments, they can continue to chip away at the damage.

In other words, make your enemy look like a hypocrite — it’s Alinsky’s urban activist adaptation of Moral Warfare.

And speaking of General Sherman, check out how Miguel Perez ended this nastygram to Southerners:

Perhaps the time has come to march through Dixie again, in a new civil rights movement.

Oooh — get that? If you questioned him about what he means, he’ll say he only wants to see peaceful marchers demonstrate for the civil rights owed to all illegal aliens, whatever that means. But there’s also that clever allusion to Sherman’s March to the Sea.

Slick, huh? It’s like a threat of violence against an entire people, except when it’s aimed at Southerners, it’s freedom of speech.

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