I need help with creating Political Action Group for the pro-Southern Heritage

From: AlMccray@aol.com

Let me be clear that my actions in organizing a Pro-Southern Heritage political action committee are in no way shape or form associated with The Sons of Confederate Veterans, or any of its members or any of its associated organizations. Nor am I under the directions of The Sons of Confederate Veterans or any of its members.

This is strictly the efforts of me, Al Mccray, an African American, a fed up and proud person of Southern Heritage. I am fed up because as brave as our grandparents were in defending " Dixie Land" from the ravaging, raping, and murdering Northern aggressors, we sit back and do nothing to defend ourselves today. We just suck it all up and talk among ourselves.
We, of Southern Heritage, sit back and do absolutely nothing when the "Honor of the South" is constantly attacked, insulted, marginalized, and we are literally portrayed as kooks, lunatics and being called a fringe group and extremists.

We are so afraid that if we speak out publicly that we could be called a "racist".

And I understand that is a powerful tool in the arsenal of "Liberals", uneducated and misguided historians, Civil Rights groups, and the public". But through organizing and educating the public, we can changes that racist term to "Pro-Southern Heritage".
Well the first thing would be to get a consensus of what things we, folks of Southern Heritage, value and hold dearly.

What would be the top 10 items on a wish list that you would want done to protect, promote and further the cause of Southern Heritage.
We need a political action group to confront these elements. Especially groups and politicos and the NAACP, who’s chapter’s President in Hillsborough County/ Tampa, Florida, on an FM station called the people with the Tampa Big Flag a "Hate Group".
So far not a thing has been done to challenge Mr. Curtis Stokes, the NAACP chapter president in Tampa Florida. He made the statement on 8-31-08 on the Hour of Empowerment radio broadcast. The show runs every Sunday on 88.5 FM, WMNF, WMNF.org.
Please respond. Your input will be valuable in the formation of this organization.
My top suggestion would be:

1. Make it a hate crime to attack, verbally or physically, any one displaying or belonging to a Southern Heritage Organization, or to attack, deface or destroy any objects of Southern Heritage
2. The Southern Heritage flag should be display in the front of all government facilities in the South.
3. The Southern Heritage flag must be in all school class rooms in the South.
4. That Southern Heritage be taught correctly in the class rooms, including destroying text books filled with falsehoods.
5. That there be a Southern Heritage official day in all Southern States.
I am still deciding a name for the organization.

Please help. Call me if you like. 813 244 0664, anytime.
Al Mccray
Box 280155,
Tampa, FL 33682
Sons of Confederate Veterans/ Member
Tampa Tribune / Columnist
Community Justice Forum / Director
FSB Capital / President


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