Is there 1 white man who has any courage?

Posted: December 16, 2006

And I sought for a man among them, that should … stand in the gap before
me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none.
– Ezekiel 22:30

Why are white Americans afraid to speak truth to black Americans?

Let me start with a tale of two Michaels:

Michael Richards, the "Seinfeld" co-star who lashed out at a black
heckler, repeatedly calling the man a "ni—r," has since made numerous
apologies to black Americans.

He apologized on David Letterman’s "Late Show" – but that forum
wasn’t "black enough" – so Richards was forced to grovel on Jesse
Jackson’s radio show.

The black man Richards insulted has retained Gloria Allred. Next month, he
will express his contrition in front of a retired judge who will determine how
much money Richards should dole out for hurling the "N" word.

Then there’s the Nov. 25 shooting in New York City, where NYPD officers shot
Sean Bell, a 23-year-old black man outside a strip club in Queens when he tried
to ram an officer with his car. The incident has outraged Rev. Al Sharpton ("the
Riot King") and other black leaders.

Sharpton is threatening to lead a massive pre-Christmas march along Manhattan’s
Fifth Avenue – stating, "We’re going shopping for justice this Christmas."

Let’s not forget that Sharpton gave us the Tawana Brawley hoax and provoked
the Crown Heights riot in the Hasidic (Jewish) section of Brooklyn.

Why should anyone listen to this hypocrite?

After the police shooting, Michael (the other Michael) Bloomberg, the mayor
of NYC, met with Sharpton and other black racist agitators and prematurely criticized
the deadly shooting, calling it "inexplicable" and "unacceptable."
Can you say "cave"?

What has happened to white men in this country?

White men used to be tough. John Wayne, Charlton Heston and Ronald Reagan exemplified
a strong male image. But because of the successful attack – by secular
progressives like NOW (National Organization of Women who Hate Men), the ACLU,
homosexual groups and liberal black leaders – most white males have been

Years of scapegoating and charges of racism have intimidated whites to the
point that they no longer speak out on issues concerning race and morality.

After Dr. King’s assassination in 1968, Jesse Jackson showed up in front of
the news cameras holding a bloody sweater. This is all it took for him to be
promoted by the elite media as the "heir apparent" to King.

This despite Jackson’s repeated falling out with Dr. King’s organization, the
SCLC (Southern Christian Leadership Conference).

In 1971, Ralph Abernathy, King’s successor at SCLC, suspended Jackson for "administrative
improprieties and repeated acts of violation of organizational policy."
Jackson then left the group and started Operation PUSH.

The mainstream media keep wicked black leaders like Jackson in power. Whenever
there’s a racial issue in this country Jackson or Sharpton are on the airwaves
to "blame whitey."

The media and false black leaders succeeded in changing the allegiance of many
black Americans – from a pro-family, pro-God people to a government-dependant
people as we witnessed during Katrina.

White people are angry at Jackson and the phony civil-rights leaders who have
made a living off of blaming them for the problems of blacks. And they’re angry
about the double standard when it comes to racial issues – and for not
being allowed to openly express their disagreements with blacks.

But they remain silent.

This has resulted in the phenomenon of white fear – fear of criticizing
blacks – no matter how corrupt, immoral or evil the perpetrator.

Since whites are not allowed to express themselves, they either cower down
like Michael Bloomberg, or they lash out in anger like Michael Richards. Then
Jesse Jackson swoops in and points to the overreaction as evidence of white
racism – to exploit the situation for profit.

White Americans need to stand up for truth with strength and patience. If we
can find white people with courage, we can change this country – and the
tale of two Michaels would have a happy ending.

What is courage? Well, I can tell you what courage is not: 1) Courage is not
resenting blacks and complaining to your white friends behind closed doors.
2) It’s not tolerating black misconduct, and 3) Courage is not adopting the
divisive, politically correct term "African American."

As for black Americans, they need to repudiate their "leaders" and
let go of past grievances, lest they self-destruct.

It will take decent whites and blacks to come together to live out the promise
of Dr. King’s dream. Then, America will finally become the land of the free
and the home of the brave!

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