Obama to lay Memorial Day wreath at Confederate marker

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Curses! Obama is too smart to have made a PR blunder like this:

President Barack Obama will send a wreath to the Confederate Memorial at Arlington Cemetery on Memorial Day, rebuffing a petition from academics urging him to cease the decades-old tradition.

The petition, organized by Dallas-based historian Edward Sebesta, says signers want to end glorification of the Civil War and recognize the Confederacy’s links to slavery.

Wait a minute — did the reporter just call Sebesta an "historian"? Whoa …

Pity — Obama’s refusal to lay a wreath at the Confederate Memorial would’ve made more people realize how alien and hostile his agenda is, and ignited a real opposition movement. Instead, Obama did what he’s best at, posing as the fair-minded, impartial, and always rational leader, while orchestrating a radical plan to impose an all-powerful, socialistic system. The man understands the importance of the role of symbolism in political theatre, unlike his leftist core.

As I said — what a pity.

On The Web:   www.dixienet.org/rebellion/2009/05/obama-to-lay-memorial-day-wreath-at.html


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