Confederate Flag Education Denied by Allegany County School Board

Reported by: Scott Hershberger
Friday, Jun 12, 2009

CUMBERLAND, MD – Fort Hill High School made national headlines last year for all the wrong reasons due to claims that racism was making some students feel unsafe.

Members of a Cumberland organization say they tried to remedy the problem, but have since been shot down.

Ed Taylor and other members of the Cumberland Historic Cemetery Organization created informational brochures detailing the history of the Confederate flag.

He says he requested to have them distributed in Allegany County’s public schools and the superintendent liked the idea, and then changed his mind.

Taylor believes students would greatly benefit from his brochures.

Taylor’s goals are to teach the true history of these flags, and get away from racist connotations that have been stapled to this flag in the past 25-30 years in the U.S.

The Allegany County Board of Education was closed on Friday.

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