Student, faculty committee to study UT statues


The president of the University of Texas plans to study what — if anything —
should be done to numerous confederate statues on the Austin campus.

Early next year, President William Powers, Jr., is expected to appoint a committee
of students and faculty to decide what to do with the statues. They will decide
whether to leave them or get rid of them.

Some student groups, including minorities, have been critical of them.

"I think it would be wise to get rid of the statues if they’re offending
people and cause for concern," said Troy Coleman, junior.

The south mall features the likes of Confederate General Robert E. Lee, the
president of the Confederate States, Jefferson Davis, and others. Some say they
should be remembered, but, perhaps, no longer honored.

"These were real men who were doing what they thought was right. Again,
you can’t apply today’s standards to events that happen," said Steve Von
Roeder, with the group Descendants of Confederate Veterans

A monument to Cesar Chavez is scheduled to be unveiled in the spring on the
west mall. A statue of Barbara Jordan is also in the works for campus.

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