How About 10th Amendment?

by Al Benson Jr.

In the wake of Obama/Sotero’s push for more and bigger government at the federal level, a reaction known as the Tenth Amendment Movement has, thankfully, begun to settle in around the country.

More than 30 states have now passed some sort of Tenth Amendment resolution, basically telling Washington that those powers not delegated to the federal government are reserved to the individual states and to their people. Of course the Feds don’t really want to hear all of that. So they will, no doubt, attempt to bully the states back into submission to "Big Brother."

If some of the states refuse to be bullied, stick to their guns, and put some real teeth into their Tenth Amendment resolutions, then who knows?

Will federal tanks roll down the streets of Helena, Montana, or Nashville, or Baton Rouge, as they did in Hungary back in 1956?  Since the mindsets of the present administration and that of the Communists back in Hungary in 1956 are almost identical, who can tell what might happen? I hear that the Feds are already starting their bullying process in Montana and Tennessee.

Worth noting is the fact that, here in Louisiana, the Louisiana Senate passed a Tenth Amendment resolution back in May by a vote of 32-0. It was then received by the House from the Senate on May 12th. It was voted on by the House on June 24th and passed the House by a vote of 65-12. In neither House nor Senate was there exactly glowing opposition to the resolution. In fact, I feel the vote reflected the sentiments of most of the folks here that I know.

The resolution was sent to the Secretary of State on June 29th, almost a month ago now. I don’t recall seeing anything about this in the media here–but then this isn’t one of their favorite subjects. Had the vote gone against the Tenth Amendment resolution I’m sure it would have been front page news, but since the vote was so heavily in favor of the resolution the managed media rather ignored it.

Since this resolution has passed both houses in Louisiana by such a large majority, I am wondering if and when our governor will sign it.

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