Tuesday, August 11, 2009 – CONFEDERATE HERITAGE RALLY

LET US VOTE CAMPAIGN www.csahps.com

2 – 4 PM Bi Lo Center Downtown (Gather at 12 PM)

The South Carolina Conservative Action Council and The Confederate States of America – Historical Preservation Society, kicks of a state wide LET US VOTE CAMPAIGN and invites you to attend the first rally in response to The NAACP and an organized media campaign of newspapers across the state pushing to have the Confederate flag at the Confederate Soldiers Monument removed to a museum, breaking the July 2000 Heritage Compromise when the flag was removed from the dome.

Our campaign agenda is simple.

We reject the NAACP claim that the Confederate flag is a racist symbol.

We demand a vote by the people on the issue of the Confederate flag as to whether it is placed back on the dome, or incorporated in the state flag. (No tricks voting on other flags as in Georgia)

We demand a vote by the people as to the Confederate heritage being taught in all public school systems throughout The State of South Carolina.

Two petitions will be distributed at the rally. One calling for a vote by the people on the Confederate flag issue(s), and a second petition of signatures that feel the NAACP is a racist organization.

“We anticipate boat loads of completed petitions to be delivered to the South Carolina legislature”.

This is a veterans issue. The State of South Carolina once called upon these men to defend the State against Northern invasion. It’s not just a flag; that flag was paid for with Southern blood, and not to be regulated to a museum. How dare any legislator speak or vote against the flag. 300.000 died.

This is a people’s issue. If the majority of the people in the State of South Carolina want the flag on the dome or incorporated in the State flag, and or Confederate heritage history classes taught in public school systems – then it should be. How dare any legislator deny the people the vote.

In Mississippi, both black and white alike voted to keep their flag of heritage.  This campaign is not directed toward the black folks of the State of South Carolina, but toward the NAACP we declare a racist organization, that has misled the general public regarding issues concerning the Confederate flag and heritage, that we will be all too happy to expose.

“We demand a vote on the Confederate flag issues. The NAACP will not dictate where the Confederate flag flies, and what is taught in public school systems” says Charles Parks, with The Confederate States of America – Historical Preservation Society. “This is a decision for the people of the State”.

This campaign will continue indefinitely till the people of the State of South Carolina are allowed to vote on the issues, and the sooner the legislators realize that, the better. “The flag isn’t going anywhere…but up”.


Charles Parks, CSA

For more information visit www.csahps.com LET US VOTE CAMPAIGN.

On The Web:   shnv.blogspot.com/2009/08/confederate-heritage-rally.html


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