The View From Marxist Washington–All who don’t agree with us are right-wing extremists

By Al Benson Jr.

The current Marxist coterie that runs our government is freely employing the old Marxist tactic of name-calling against its adversaries instead of dealing with those issues they do not really wish to deal with publicly. What better way to confuse the issue of health care, or anything else for that matter, than to openly seek to discredit those who bring up legitimate grievances over what the feds are trying to do (communize America)? That way, if you can distract the public enough with your baseless name-calling, you can make just enough noise that you never have to deal with the issues that are raised. "Condemn others, elevate yourself" is a tactic that most Marxists have employed rather effectively over the years. It usually confuses the issue and often throws people off their track as they seek to defend themselves from leftist mudslingers.

Paul Ibbetson, writing for on August 14th  of this year noted: "What’s the price you have to pay to disagree with the current administration?  The first noticeable change is a swift classification transformation; from being patriotic to being ‘potentially dangerous;  from people out to get answers to people out of control.’…turn on your television and watch the DNC’s adds depicting the ‘angry mob’–and a weird thing will happen–you must may see yourself, or at least your beliefs depicted on what the DNC frames not only as ‘angry, out of control agitators,’ but also ‘paid rabble-rousers for the RNC. These lowly disrupters include senior citizens, military veterans, mothers, fathers,…(you know, ‘trouble-makers’)." Folks, we need to begin to wake up to the fact that this is how the Marxist coterie in Washington views all of us who will not happily go along with their party line.

As hard as Obama and his Marxist cohorts try to paint health care protesters as hired lackeys and "running dogs" of the Republican Party, or of some vague "right-wing conspiracy" Senator Claire McCaskill, a Democrat from Missouri, notes that those demonstrating against the government take-over of the health care system are "real grass-roots people."

McCaskill states, in an interview: "I think it’s been a mistake for anyone to say this has been a manufactured effort on the part of many of these folks shouting out…This is real. It’s grass-roots. Now they’re organizing, but that’s what we do in America." When asked the "why" of all the anger McCaskill noted: "Well, there’s cynacism about Washington, distrust in the government…That’s the anger you see spilling over. I understand it. It’s important we listen to it." And, after having said all that, which would seem to have indicated that she had some level of understanding, she then announced that, at her next Town Hall meeting, she would answer only written and selected questions and not let just anyone speak. In other words, the dissent is real, no doubt about that, but I’ve heard enough so I only want to listen to the "nice dissent" from here on out! Just when you begin to think some politician is beginning to get it right…! Oh well!

However, Obama and his friends, with their Marxist mindsets, will never understand the public’s utter frustration with their Marxist policies. They view any disagreement with them or their socialist programs as some sort of "counter-revolutionary" activity that has to be put down. Freedom of speech, the First Amendment–forget all that! Can’t have the public doubting our revolutionary agenda, and if they do, why there has to be something wrong with them–they must be politically insane. And such cannot be tolerated. After all, Obama/Sotero has an agenda to fulfill  and he might be in real trouble with his handlers if he can’t bring it all off, so he has to go full speed ahead no matter what the public thinks or wants.

As proof that dissent will not be tolerated, Phyllis Schlafly wrote, on August 14th that: "At Rep. Russ Carnahan’s Town Hall meeting on August 6, SEIU (Service Employees International Union) thugs, clad in purple shirts, punched in the face, brutally beat, and kicked in the head when he was down, an African American named Kenneth Gladney while hurling a torrent of racial slurs. The SEIU goons were following White House advice: ‘Don’t do a lot of talking.’ and if they encounter resistance, ‘punch back twice as hard’."

Why did those "noble purple shirts" go after Mr. Gladney? It seems he was passing out some historical American flags that said "Don’t Tread On Me" on them (the old Gadsden Flag). And, as Mrs. Schlafly duly noted: "The Left won’t tolerate African Americans as conservatives. Gladney was taken to the hospital, and six people were arrested." One can only hope it was those doing the beating that got arrested.

But with incidents like this it is becoming more and more apparent that the Obama administration is set to operate in the same vein as were the Communists in the Soviet Union. He can’t quite manage to do it totally their way just yet, but he and his leftist friends are, no doubt, working on that as this is being written.

The fuss over his health care takeover plan, I think, surprised him. He may actually have felt that he had the majority of the American public completely snowed with his fancy rhetoric, and when he began to find out that he didn’t, well then, the "damage control" program was put into operation, to do what it had to do, any way it had to do it.

Mrs. Schlafly reminded us of the real mindset of Obama’s right-hand man, Rahm Emanuel when she noted his attitude in Chicago at a dinner celebrating Slick Willie’s election back in 1992. She said: "Heady with victory, Chicago staffer Rahm Emanual demonstrated how he planned to punish political enemies by plunging his steak knife into the table and screaming ‘Dead’ as he named each target." Isn’t it a comforting thought that this is what is currently running Washington? I can only wonder if Mr. Emanuel has those same plans for those good folks that are courageous enough to protest Obama/Sotero’s attempted Marxist takeover of this country.

Content ©2009  Al Benson Jr.

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