John Edwards Again!

The "CNN Breaking News" email looked important – but when I clicked
it, the "news" was as predictable as the next DC scandal. Yes, John
Edwards is announcing for president of the United States. Here’s how
the Wall Street Journal reported it:

"Today, former Sen. John Edwards begins testing his hunch that
Americans, though focused now on the war in Iraq, can be won over to
a campaign built on what he calls ‘the great moral issue of our time’—
fighting poverty at home. The North Carolina Democrat’s theme of
ending the ‘Two Americas’ of haves and have-nots dates to his 2004
presidential bid. … Mr. Edwards argues that the disparity between the
richest Americans and the working class has widened since then."

Hey, Pretty Boy, do you know what’s causing this disparity?
Uncontrolled immigration, that’s what. We’re importing poverty from
the Third World – but don’t look to "Breck Girl" Edwards to
stop it.

Know now, if you already haven’t figured it out, that Edwards’
strategy in this campaign is to trick Southerners into supporting
their own demise. Edwards is a Massachusetts liberal with a Mayberry
accent. MSNBC acknowledged as much when Edwards first made national
headlines when he joined forces with John Kerry:

"In style and appearance more than in ideology, Edwards offers a
contrast with Kerry. It is Edwards’ Southern identity that makes a
compelling argument for him to be on the ticket."

Back during the 2004 primaries, Jay Leno noted that when John Edwards
yapped about "Two Americas," he meant the part of America where he
sounds like a Yankee, and the part where he sounds like a Southerner.
Edwards will be pimping the alien, liberal agenda in reassuring
Southern tones in order to dress up Yankee politics for sale down
South. So expect more Big Government programs cleverly disguised as
traditional Southern politics. In fact, Edwards has promised to push
for guaranteed universal health care and providing equal access to
education, which translates, I’m sure, to tuition subsidies for

Edwards is the sunny, Southern face of the DC elitist political
agenda. This millionaire ambulance chaser voted for the Iraq war
(remember, DC is in the bomb `n rebuild business) and has proven
himself to be an unrelenting enemy of Southern heritage. He
frequently brags that he rejects what he calls the "old politics of
hate and division," which he illustrated in 2000 by making a
pilgrimage to Columbia, South Carolina and demanding that the
legislature take down the Confederate Battleflag memorial (can’t
honor those who fought against the Federal government, you see).

Edwards seems to believe a dopey smile and a little white guilt are
the ticket to the White House:

"I believe that those of us here, as Southerners, have a special
responsibility to lead, not to follow, but to lead on issues of civil

And I believe that we, as Southerners, have a special word for people
like John Edwards: scalawag.

Posted by Mike Tuggle on 12/28 at 01:42 PM