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Commentary by Frank Gillispie

The most widely read column in this series was about NASCAR a couple of years ago. In that column I described how NASCAR had turned its back on it southern roots, refusing to allow any symbol of Southern pride to be displayed on their cars, in the pits or especially in the broadcast booth. This included prohibiting the Sons of Confederate veterans from sponsoring a car in any race under their supervision.

I am glad to inform you that a SCV car has run on an American track in spite of NASCAR. On Saturday, July 25th, 2009, the SCV car finished third in the Hickory 250 in Hickory, North Carolina,. The event was a part of the USAR Pro Cup Series, which is the descendent of the old Hooters Racing series. The series is a rapidly growing short track series that includes an appearance at Lanier National raceway in Braselton.

The car was driven by Brandon Ward of Winston-Salem, North Carolina a veteran of USAR racing. It is owned by MacHill Motorsports of Mooresville, NC. Ward is currently in third place in the race to become the 2009 champion. The race was filmed and will be broadcast on FSN this Sunday at 11:00 a.m. Producers of the show have assured SCV officials that the car will be prominently featured.

In addition, a show car was on display at the SCV’s international reunion on Hot Springs.

Our original driver and fellow compatriot, James Hylton sent his NASCAR truck series truck, one of the vehicles that had been prepared for an NASCAR event but was rejected. The truck sported the SCV logo on the hood, the back quarter panels and the bed. It also had the website address along the sides and 1-800- MY-DIXIE across the back. .

James Hylton has generously offered this truck to the SCV as a permanent show car. ISCV officials expressed interest in sending the truck to many shows and events. Furthermore, I discussed an ad campaign with Mr. Hylton that would use the truck to promote the work of the SCV. He is on board with using the truck wherever possible to raise awareness of the SCV.

The SCV has been approached about sponsoring a car in other races and officials are currently exploring that possibility.

In the previous column I expressed a wish that someone would launch a new racing series to compete with NASCAR and keep the southern traditions of stock car racing alive. The USAR Pro Cup series is making great strides in that direction, and I congratulate them. If you are a long term fan of stock car racing and are as disappointed as I am with the decision of NASCAR to abandon its southern roots, then I urge that you support the USARacing program. Go to their races when you get a chance, tune in to their TV broadcast, and support their sponsors.

Stockcar racing has always been a key part of Southern culture and efforts to purge the sport of its southern roots is inexcusable.

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