Heritage Violation


From: dewey@barberandcompany.com

Dear Southern Compatriots,

I received the email below from concerned parents. Dixie Outfitters has sent emails to the parties involved, sent free protest bumper stickers to these concerned parents and supplied contact information of support organizations. Please help us stop this discrimination against our children and our heritage by writing, calling or emailing Principal Veita Jackson Carter and Superintendent Dr. W. Daniel Boyd Jr. at the addresses below.

If your emails, letters and calls do not change the minds of the school administrators we are prepared to support marches, protests/rallies and engage the media to end this blatant discrimination against our Southern children.


Dear Mr. Dewey Barber,

My name is Terri Sneed and I am writing this letter in regards to a meeting that JoAnne Justice and myself held on 8/28/09 at Hawthorne Jr./Sr. High School in Hawthorne Florida.

The morning of 8/28/09 I received a phone call from Hawthorne Jr./Sr. High School. They called to inform me that my children needed to be picked up or that I was to bring a change of clothes to them so they could continue their day at school. Due to the fact that my children have nothing that is not permitted in our dress code, I immediately asked what they wore to school that was not appropriate for our schools attire. Libby Hartwell (V.P.) informed me that the shirts my son has been wearing for 6 years was not appropriate attire and the same for my daughter that has been wearing hers just as long. That same morning I find out that JoAnne Justice has also been called to pick up her child that has also been wearing the same shirts for many years. Much to our surprise we find out that many other children have been forced to remove their shirts, to turn them inside out or to be sent home if they had these shirts on. We are totally appalled at what is taking place. Can they take from us our heritage?

This is who we are!!!! The confederate flag has been in our home-town and our school for as many years as I can remember.

When we meet with the principal-Veita Jackson Carter, M.E.D- P, Vice Principal-Libby Hartwell and the Dean-Laura Green I specifically asked them all if there has ever been an issue, fight or controversy over these shirts being worn. The answer was NO.

We live in a small town where these children black and white have grown up together from Pre-K to 12th grade. Everyone knows everyone and NEVER has there been an issue with the confederate flag. When I asked WHY these children could no longer where their shirts their only response was that it offended them. Not that it offended the children but it offended them.

Politely they were handed the information that you made available to us. We figured that since they were new to our school that maybe they were ignorant to what the confederate flag stands for. So I asked that the information be read aloud so everyone could get a "Short History Lesson". They informed us after reading the article that their minds were made up and that they rule the school. Last to my knowledge we pay their salary and the History books can not be changed.

Personally, I think it is a true sign of ignorance as to what the confederate flag stands for. It truly disturbs me to think that there is one person that can change the life style of many. Taking from our children who they are and what they stand for. Proud to live in the south, black and white. In our town it has never been a racial thing and my question is why make it one now?

I hope that there is something that maybe you can do to stand behind us as parents that mean no harm to anyone but wanting to stand up for the rights of our children and what they believe in. Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon.

Truly yours

Terri Sneed

Here is some of the information that we have found for the school and school board:

Veita Jackson Carter, M.E.D-P
Source of the banning!

FAX 352-481-4859

Dr.W.Danial Boyd.Jr


Vice Principal
Libby Hartwell

High School Dean
Laura Green

School Board of Alachua County

Kirby Smith Administrative Center
620 East University Avenue
Gainesville, Florida 3601-5498

Deptuy Superintendent
Sandy Hollinger

Hawthorne Jr./Sr. High School
P.O.Box 40

Hawthorne, Florida 32640


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