Have you been in the South lately?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

First, here’s the good news, from an experienced political observer:

Have you been in the South lately? The level of anti-Obama, anti-Democratic and anti-Congress venom is extraordinary, and with 59 Democrat-held seats in the region, 22 in or potentially in competitive districts, this is a very serious situation for Democrats. I have had several Democratic members from the region say the atmosphere is as bad or worse than it was in 1994.

This is not just about President Obama. It is anti-Congress and anti-Democratic Congress.

In other words, Obama’s radical program has galvanized the South — just as we hoped it would back during the campaign. Here’s what I wrote last summer:

So instead of voting for John McCain and wishing and hoping he’ll one day realize he’s a Republican and will support a conservative agenda, we should vote for Obama. Why? Because McCain will impose his globalist, Neocon, Open Border agenda while invoking the language of conservatism, which will more deeply entrench these measures in society and therefore do more harm to our culture. The openly radical Obama, on the other hand, will impose an openly hostile agenda that will galvanize a genuine conservative revolt.

Prior to Obama’s surprising success, I’d advocated that we vote for Hillary as the left-Democrat most likely to rouse conservative Southerners to action. But Obama seemed too good to be real — with his close association with the race-baiting Jeremiah Wright, the "clinging to guns and religion" comments, and his connections to an unapologetic radical bomber, it seemed impossible he could beat the seasoned, tough Hillary. But he did, and the prospect of such an in-your-face, race-obsessed leftist firing up conservative opposition looked promising.

And it’s worked, as Professor Nyhan notes above — to which I say, keep up the good work, Mr. President!

So here’s the troubling question of the year: Will this anti-DC sentiment be coopted ONCE AGAIN into putting the backstabbing Republicans back in power, or will the people work instead to fight for REAL change?

Predictions are hard to make, especially about the future, and doubly so about the political future. But I have hope.

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