Ole Miss Fight Song Banned at Games

Last Update: 11/10

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — University of Mississippi Chancellor Dan Jones is asking the band to stop playing "From Dixie With Love" after some Ole Miss fans continued chanting "the South will rise again" at the end of the medley.

The student-run newspaper, The Daily Mississippian, reported Tuesday that Jones wrote about his decision in a letter to the university community.

Jones said last week he would ask the band to stop playing "From Dixie With Love" if the chant continued during the football game this past Saturday. Jones said he is following through with what he promised.

Jones did not specify how long the song will be off limits. It blends the Confederate Army’s fight song, "Dixie," with the Union Army’s "Battle Hymn of the Republic." The band has played it about two decades.


Information from: The Daily Mississippian, http://olemisslife.com/

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