David game with ACHS back on

Staff Writer

DAVID — A recently canceled basketball game between The David School and
Allen Central High School has been reviewed by the David School Board of Directors
and the decision to cancel the game has been declared invalid.

Previously, the players on David’s basketball team voted to not
in a Jan. 19 game at Eastern, based on Allen Central’s use of the Confederate
flag and alleged taunting towards the David School’s only African American player.

According to a press release from The David School Board of
Directors, the
decision to cancel the basketball game with Allen Central was made
the consent of the appropriate school administrators. Upon this
directors declared the decision to cancel the game as invalid and the basketball
schedule stands. The board said all decisions that affect the activities of
the school need to be made within the legitimate lines of authority of the school.

The Board of Directors said administrators with the school will take the necessary
steps to ensure respect at any games in which its players participate.

The Floyd County Board of Education is expected to discuss the use of
Confederate flag at Allen Central at its regular meeting later this

According to directors for The David School, the school supports all dialogue
between the Board of Education and the Allen Central

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