Barrett Brown’s Revenge!

Monday, December 21, 2009

He’s back. After his last foray against Dixie, he seemed to have learned a thing or two, and retreated quietly. But now he’s gunning for Robert Stacy McCain, one of the South’s finest spokesmen, and Brown aims a couple of shots at both the South and the League along the way.

Regarding RS McCain, Barrett Brown wrote:

"… why he thinks the Confederacy to be so incredibly wonderful that he simply must be a member of such an organization as the League of the South, a radical anti-federal outfit which also has some bad qualities, such as its obvious keenness on a more theocratic sort of constitution."

Now, Barrett …

I’ll let the very capable Mr. McCain handle his own defense. However, I would like to respond to your assertions about the League of the South.

As to our being a "radical anti-federal outfit," well, you got us there. But then, what other choice do we have in an age where federal policy, no matter who’s in the Oval Office, is to export jobs, gut the Bill of Rights, and prop up tyrants and puppet states around the world with Cruise missiles and occupation forces? The League of the South believes downsizing DC is the only possible response, other than pretending that elections can some day, some how soften imperial policy. Consider us just a little sceptical at this point.

Are we "radical"? American opinion these days is that it’s patriotic to cheer on death drones even when the heroes operating them from Los Angeles vaporize a few slow-moving Afghan women and children along with evil Islamomeanies. That’s a mainstream opinion we don’t care to embrace, so forgive us if we don’t join in the chants of "USA!"

Not sure what other "bad qualities" we’ve let slip before the public, but I can say we do not advocate theocracy. Last time I checked, our goal was the restoration of a Constitutionally limited republic, not rule by priests. Now we do believe our Western, Christian values should inform our domestic and foreign policy. Among those values are absolute condemnation of a government that spreads misery and death to millions of innocent civilians in the name of "projecting American power."

Our forefathers got enough of that in 1865.

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