God struck down Stonewall Jackson

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

In seceding from the Union, Southerners resisted the will of God. William Tecumseh Sherman was God’s instrument for striking down the rebellious South. The "hand of God" can be seen in Abraham Lincoln’s ascendency to the presidency.

So says brothers Chris Stewart and Ted Stewart in "Seven Miracles that Saved America." In justifying the creation of Lincoln’s North-dominated Union, the Stewarts repeat the foundational myth that slavery was the central issue of the Civil War. That myth, of course, justifies Lincoln’s revolution against the decentralized Republic of Republics in order to forge the centralized national security state we have today, complete with citizen surveillance and endless war — all in the name of promoting democracy.

Here’s what the book says of Stonewall Jackson’s death:

In the case of Gettysburg, for instance, they could easily have titled the chapter, “The Miracle of Friendly Fire.” Had Stonewall Jackson, the South’s best tactician and Lee’s greatest commander been with him at Gettysburg … who knows? Jackson was easily the most important figure in American military history to be mistakenly shot by his own troops.

And we’re supposed to rejoice over that? I’ll pass.

It’s only fitting this statist nonsense should show up on David Horowitz’s web site, which has regularly treated its readers to Lincoln idolatry and demands that anyone protesting the Neocon Wars should be treated as a saboteur.

This is what passes for "Christian" history these days.

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