The Right Questions

From: H.K. Edgerton []
Sent: Saturday, January 13, 2007

1.What Black man and former NAACP President would adorn the Confederate Gray,Third
National Flag in hand, spend over 3 months in the rain, and snow outside the office
of the Asheville, N.C. NAACP ? (answer) HK EDGERTON

2.What Black man Confederate Flag in hand would hold a three hour vigil along
with Kirk D. Lyons, and Dr.Neil Payne outside the Columbia office of the NAACP
? (answer) HK EDGERTON

3.What Black man along side Kirk D. Lyons, and DR. Neil Payne, Confederate Flag
in hand, would enter the Southeastern offices of the Regional Director of the
NAACP (Nelson Rivers III ), issue a challenge to debate the issues of removing
the flag from the Capitol building in Columbia, South Carolina ? (answer ) HK

4.What Black man along side his brothers would stand on the Capitol steps in Columbia,
S.C> for over two hours reading the Muster Role of the Confederate Dead in
the year 2000 ? (answer) HK EDGERTON

5.What Black man would adorn the Confederate Gray, 3rd. National Flag of the Confederacy
in hand would sustain a brutal attack from two men as he stood outside Asheville
High School ? (HK EDGERTON)

6.What Black man would adorn the Confederate the Gray , carrying the Christian
Cross of St. Andrew would march in the Martin Luther King Peace Walk on the day
that his Dear Mother would pass away, and had for several years prior to he passing
?(answer) HK EDGERTON

7.What Black man would adorn the Confederate Gray, Battle Flag in hand, would
attend Veteran Day ceremonies across the State of North Carolina, to include Maryville,
Tennessee ? (answer) HK EDGERTON

8.What Black man would adorn the Confederate Gray, Battle Flag in hand would spend
over 4 months, seven days a week, outside the campus of the Historic Asheville
School in the rain, snow and sleet, with bottles, rocks and jeers hurled his way,
until the Head Master of the school would reverse his decision and allow the Confederate
Battle Flag to again be placed on the wall of one of it’s students ? (answer)

9.What Black man would adorn the Confederate Gray, Battle Flag in hand, and stand
in the rain and snow for over two months , take a beating from three Black youths
outside Memorial Mission Hospital in Asheville, N.C. as he stood in support of
several sub contractors from Georgia who had been ordered to remove stickers from
their lunch pales that bore the old Georgia State Flag because it bore the image
of the Confederate Flag ? (answer) HK EDGERTON

10.What Black man would stand beside the last living Confederate Widow(Alberta
Martin)on the steps of the Capitol in Columbia, S.C. as another Black Son of a
Confederate Veteran, and Camp Commander(Dr. Emory) delivered a speech in support
of keeping the Flag flying over the Capitol Building ? (answer) HK EDGERTON

11.What Black man would accept the invitation of Pat Godwin of Selma, Alabama
, adorn the Confederate Gray, Battle Flag in hand on a Sunday morning, and against
her warnings that he would be hurt if he went any where near the Edmund Petus
Bridge with his Flag; picked it up and at 6:30 AM commence standing on the Bridge
confabulating with the populous , posing for pictures with folks as far away as
Brazil, and later in the morning join his Southern family in a march to the Smitherson
Museum in support of the Bust of the Honorable General Nathan Bed Forrest remaining
on the grounds there ? (answer HK EDGERTON)

12.What Black man would adorn the Confederate Gray, Battle Flag in hand, march
alongside his Southern family to the steps of the Capitol building in Montgomery,
Alabama, while standing beside the last Confederate Widow( Ms.Alberta Martin),
sign the League of The South’s Declaration of Independence ? (answer) HK EDGERTON

13.What Black man would deliver the Key note speech at the Texas Division of the
Sons of Confederate Veterans, and then have the State Division Commander(STEVE
LUCAS) remove his very own SCV Life Membership Pin from his bosom, and place it
upon the mans, and along with the entire body declare him a Honorary Life Member
of the Texas Division of the Sons Of Confederate Veterans ? (answer) HK EDGERTON

14.What man, Red, Yellow, Black or White holds more Honorary memberships in the
Sons of Confederate Veterans, than any other, living or dead ? (answer) HK EDGERTON

15.What Black man is an Honorary Life Member in the North Carolina, Texas, and
Louisiana Order of the Confederate Rose, and whose Dear Mother’s name appears
on an achievement Award issued by the North Carolina Order of The Confederate
Rose ? (answer) HK EDGERTON

16.What Black man would stand in the Texas sun for days alongside his Southern
family at the Supreme Court Building in Austin, Confederate Flag in hand protesting
the removal of the Confederate Seal, and the Plaque of Honor issued by the Honorable
General Robert E.Lee to the men of Texas who gave their lives in defense of the
Confederate States of America ? (answer) HK EDGERTON

17.What Black man stood at Monument Row at the University Texas , Confederate
Flag in hand protesting the University’s actions to remove the Confederate Monuments
, while the University police issued him a criminal trespass warning for being
there ? (answer) HK EDGERTON

18.What Black man along with his brothers and Southern Family, and a few Copper
Heads in between would adorn the Confederate Flag in hand in the year 2002 would
step off into history by marching 20 miles a day six days a week, and some times
more through 77 cities from Asheville, N.C. to Austin, Texas; and on this journey
hold a press conference on the Capitol steps in Montgomery, cross the street and
stand on the grounds of Martin Luther King’s Church, proceed on down the street
to the grounds of the Southern Poverty Law Center, hold another press conference
there, while issuing a challenge to Morris Dees, or any of his staff to come out
of their ivory tower, and debate the issues confronting the Southern Cross. (answer)

19.What Black man would adorn the Confederate Gray, Battle Flag in hand, would
stand for hours in the Texas Sun outside Hayes County High School , protesting
the ban of the Southern Cross there ? (answer) HK EDGERTON

20.What Black man would have his business stolen from right under him by his former
2nd Vice President of the NAACP as he made the Historic March Across Dixie ? (answer)

21.What Black man would have his destroyed by Hurricane Ivan. loose all his possessions
while he attended a Camp Chartering Ceremony alongside the Commander in Chief
(the Honorable Ron Wilson),and South Carolina State Commander(Michael Givens)
of the Sons of Confederate Veterans at a Camp Chartering in Hilda , South Carolina
? (answer) HK EDGERTON

22.What Black man would adorn the Confederate Gray, Battle Flag in hand, march
from Littleton, North Carolina alongside the youngest Sons of Confederate Veterans
Camp Commander( the Honorable Fred Taylor) 15 miles a day, six days a week into
the former Capitol of the Confederacy in Richmond, Virginia, in support of Confederate
History Month and in recognition of those Africans who earned a place of honor
and dignity under our Southern Cross. (answer) HK EDGERTON

23.What Black man would adorn the Confederate Gray and march alongside the National
Heritage Defense Chair of the Sons( the Honorable Paul Grambling, Fire Eater #1
the Honorable Grayson Jennings, the Honorable A.C.Griffith, the now State Commander
of the Virginia Sons, the Honorable Frank Ernst, and a Honorable Black Lady whose
name escapes us ) during so called Black History in honor of those Black Confederates
like the Honorable Nelson Napoleon, Reverend Mack Lee, Levi Carnine, Holt Collier,
and so many other Black men and women who are never mentioned as a part of an
honorable history because the history they made was in defense of their homeland;
the Southland of America. (answer) HK EDGERTON

24.What Black man would adorn the Confederate Gray, Battle Flag in hand, with
his brother filming the event, march alongside the Cason carrying the body of
one of South Carolina’s most famous Sons of Confederate Veterans, the Honorable
Senator Strom Thurmond ? (answer)

25.What Black man would adorn the Confederate Gray, Battle Flag in hand, would
stand for weeks at the City Building in Hickory, North Carolina protesting the
removal of the name of the Sons of Confederate Veterans from the Civic Sign there.(answer)

26.What Black man would adorn a Historic First apparel of the famous DixieOutFitter
Company that bore an image of himself proclaiming him to be a Modern Day Confederate
Hero, Battle Flag in hand, march from Johnson City, Tennessee into Maryville and
Blount County Tennessee in support of the brave Southern babies there who had
made a stand in support of the Southern Cross remaining in their respective schools.
(answer) HK EDGERTON

27.What Black man would adorn the Confederate Gray, Battle Flag in hand, spend
hours on the traffic island at Lamar Alexander highway in Maryville, Tennessee,
and later proceed to enter the football stadium at Maryville High School to the
cheers of the students, staff, and community in attendance. (answer) HK EDGERTON

28.What Black man’s Dear Mother’s body would be denied entrance to the oldest
Black Church in Asheville, N.C. for a Confederate State Funeral Ceremony, where
she would later be buried as the only Black woman to ever receive such HONORS
? (answer) HK EDGERTON

29.What Black man would adorn the Confederate Gray, Battle Flag in hand, stand
at the doors at the Grand Opening of the League of The South’s Store in Cayce,
South Carolina ? (answer) HK EDGERTON

30.What Black man would crawl out on the railing of a Town Hall Meeting in the
Capitol of Raleigh, North Carolina, letter in hand that he had written to the
President of The United States( the Honorable George W. Bush), whose contents
spelled out the injustices perpetrated against the Southern people , which further
asked for the President’s help to right a history levied against the South meant
to divide and separate it’s people since the Honorable Robert E.Lee signed over
the surrender of his army at Appomattox Court House on April 9, 1865 carried out
by the so called Freedman’s Bureau and the established Public School system and
the Northern teachers and Administrators who ran them to this day. (answer) HK

31. What Black man would adorn the Confederate Gray, Battle Flag in hand began
a March across the State of Virginia heading to the Nations Capitol on October
14, 2006 and now find himself in Winters Quarters waiting to finish the journey
there with a message for the entire Nation about the Honorable people of the South
who seek justice from a historic wrong that continues to fuel the fires of hate
and division of it’s people. (answer) HK EDGERTON

32.What Black man now faces the wrath of a bigoted few who question his loyalty,
commitment and needs to move forward to help right a terrible wrong ? (answer)