“Under the Radar”: a battle plan for 2010


"Under the Radar": a battle plan for 2010

By SWR’s Lady Val:

Every battle that is being waged today in defense of Southern heritage and culture is a response by Southrons and their allies to attacks by their perennial enemies in the "politically correct" movement across the board. As a result, we fritter away our time, talents and (in my case, dwindling) energies fighting brush fire after brush fire seemingly without end and without result other than another brush fire popping up after the last one has been put out – that is, if it has been "put out".

From every battle waged over symbols and songs in academia (from grade school through university) to every heritage festival, parade or event from which Southern presence has been forbidden and on to more formal efforts to remove everything from the Battle Flag to Confederate monuments from the public square, we seem to be in a constant contention for mere survival – overwhelmed, outnumbered and often just plain censored into silence. Bit by bit, we are being forced first into a corner and then, ultimately, into oblivion and there seems little that we can do but continue to respond however fruitless our efforts.

But I believe that we do have a further option, but it is an option that requires a certain amount of creativity and the willingness to engage in issues other than those limited to the assault on Southern culture. We have as an example of this kind of "inclusiveness", what has happened in what has been called the "Tea Party Movement". Now, the Tea Party movement originally was concerned with taxes, just as the original Boston Tea Party was a rejection of King George’s confiscatory tax program, a program which also involved military searches and seizures of the property of colonists. But over time, other people with "agendas" – mostly against the socialist programs of Barack Obama and the Democrat Congress – began to mix with the "Tea Baggers" in their demonstrations. Rather than separate themselves from these newcomers with a different agenda, the Tea Party movement decided that really, they were all part of the same movement – the movement away from an oligarchy and the attempt to re-establish the republic founded in 1776. Frankly, they were right – and since then, this "movement" made up of people with a multitude of agendas based upon this principle have made tremendous inroads on the present political and social scene. Whether the issue be taxes or abortion or efforts to destroy the liberties guaranteed by the Constitution or the assault upon Christianity, like minded folks have banded together to force the politicians and even the media to hear the voice of the American People.

What most of the people involved in this new movement – a movement which put over a million and a half people in Washington on September 12th, 2009 – don’t know is that the problem didn’t start with Woodrow Wilson’s adoption of the Federal Reserve or FDR’s New Deal. It didn’t even start with "progressive" Teddy Roosevelt’s belief that the wealthy "owed" something to "the government". Rather, it started with Abraham Lincoln and his unconstitutional, illegal and immoral war of aggression against the People of the South! And that is what we have to "work into the mix". We have to address every one of these issues whether it be healthcare or censorship of the internet or the assault on the 2nd Amendment and bring to the consciousness of the People the true beginnings of this over-reaching, tyrannous NATIONAL government!

Of course, this won’t be easy and it has to be done with a certain amount of finesse so that we are not immediately dismissed as nothing more than a fringe element. We have to have the right information depending upon the issue involved. For instance, most folks don’t realize that Lincoln illegally established the income tax and the IRS. Grant let it lapse and it wasn’t until some time later that it was reinstated, but Lincoln did start it! We have to develop a line of reasoning behind each issue which brings it back to the true beginning of what went wrong – from republic to empire. We have to refute the ridiculous belief that Lincoln "saved" the Union when, in fact, he destroyed it and waged war upon a people who had every right under the Constitution to leave that union. It is going to be the type of effort that will require a deft hand but if we are careful, if we keep our own agenda "under the radar", we are going to begin to wake folks up regarding where the current situation actually had its origins and the fact that we cannot address (much less solve) it until we acknowledge where the problem began.

The good thing about this strategy, however, is that we now have a much wider field in which to express ourselves. We are no longer limited to what child was not permitted to wear a battle flag belt buckle which is, let’s face it, something that most folks don’t get all that exercised about especially if they are unemployed or losing their home! We can begin to carefully and cogently bring our messages – moral, ethical, cultural and political – to the attention of people for whom the battle flag and other distinctly Southern issues are of no interest whatsoever. We can counter the "race card" by pointing out that the deprivation of liberty from any American must perforce redound negatively upon the liberties of every American. Furthermore, as Obama’s allies in the "black community" from the NAACP to ACORN are revealed for what they are – actual racists and worse – their strident demands regarding the censorship of Southern culture and its symbols will lose power. It’s hard to play the victim when you are revealed as the aggressor.

In any event, I believe that this is a path which we must travel or be lost in the chaos of the current culture. Even if those with whom we agree win and government is restricted, our issue could still wind up being lost simply because the winners never knew about it or understood its importance.

I would appreciate any thoughts on this matter.

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