School Confederate flag controversy update

Thursday, January 11, 2007

(KMOV) – Some parents are outraged and so are some students, and they say they’re
not going to take it.

They say their school district is violating their rights they’re going to fight

Before much of the world was awake, their battle cry went out. A cry for justice,
they say, a cry for their free speech.

It’s been a civil rights war, the Archambo family says, pitting them against
the Farmington School District.

Bryce Archambo says, a high school administrator suspended him a day last September,
when he disobeyed a direct order to take off his shirt or turn it inside out.
It had a Confederate Flag on it. His hat did too.

He, his family, and some friends are now trying to prove their point, with a

Some parents just glanced, school administrators would only watch.

District lawyer, Tom Mickes, insists school administrators never suspended Bryce,
they only asked him to turn the shirt inside out, because some students, both
African-Americans and whites, might be offended by the rebel flag on it.

The Archambo’s hired their own attorney and filed a lawsuit against the district.

In their eyes, it’s a fight to the end, one, they believe, they won’t lose.

Two more students tells News 4 a school administrator suspended them for not
turning their shirts inside out. The district’s lawyer denies it.

He also told us, most districts in the area have the same policy, anything
that might be considered harrassing is looked at closely on a case-by-case basis.

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