Little Known Facts

1. By definition, The War for Southern Independence was not a civil war or a war between states. The Confederation was already its own nation with its own president, money, and representatives. So it was a war between two nations, the United States and Confederate States.

2. The War of Northern Aggression got its start in the theological seminary of Oberlin, Ohio and with a group of men known as the "Secret Six." The radical abolitionists had to change peoples’ minds about slavery by altering the theology of the churches.

3. The song, "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" was written about the Union Army and immortalized John Brown as the man who "died to set men free." John Brown’s job was to instigate the war through terrorism. In one attempt, in Kansas (1856), he murdered 5 white farmers (none of whom owned slaves) but it failed to start a slavery war. Even a shipment of guns disguised as Bibles was sent to Kansas. There were various skirmishes in the state and it became known as "bloody Kansas."

4. In John Brown’s raid at Harper’s Ferry, Va., the first man fatally shot was a free black man, Haywood Shepherd, whose pleas for water were ignored for 12 hours until he died.

5. Historical facts prove it was the North which was pro-slavery not the South. Massachusetts was the first colony to legalize slavery in 1641. Their first slaves exported were Native Americans. In contrast Virginia passed a law making it illegal to enslave or deport a Native.

6. Not all slaves were African; some were European and Native American. Even free black men owned black slaves.

7. Virginia (a southern state) was the first state to outlaw the African slave trade in 1778 (10 yrs. before Mass. and 30 yrs. before England).

8. The Constitution of the Confederate States of America (Art. 1, Sec.9) made the first clear prohibition against slave trade, not the Constitution of the United States.

9. The Cherokee Americans fought on the side of the South.

10. The North benefited economically by the slave trade. All slave ships came to northern harbors not southern ones. The flag flying on the slave ships was the stars & strips not the stars & bars.

11. Abraham Lincoln actually set no slaves free. None were freed in the North and he wasn’t president of the South. Most servants willingly stayed with their owners.

12. Lincoln actually believed in white supremacy and a system of apartheid.

13. Lincoln suspended the writ of Habeas Corpus and moved to silence his critics in the North. As many as 40,000 were held indefinitely without charges against them and without an attorney.

14. Lincoln was the only president to order a mass execution and also allow a convicted criminal to control military forces in an occupied country.

15. 70%-80% of Confederate soldiers were not slave owners. They fought for states’ rights not slavery.

16. Most blacks supported the war effort by working, without white supervision, to keep food production at a level that allowed the army and civilians to be fed. Thousands more blacks actually joined the army in direct support of the war.

17. Most blacks were treated kindly by their masters and respected by the community. The Yankee, the supposed Liberator, actually brought thievery, rape, and murder to the blacks.

18. During the war, Yankee atrocities far outnumbered any done by the South. Such as: Food deprivation of civilian population; women, children, the sick and dying. Jewelry, wedding bands pulled from ladies hands, earrings yanked from the ears thus ripping them. Factory workers were herded up and shipped north, breaking up families. Over 2,000 destitute women and children were sold as slaves to work in northern factories, which barely paid at subsistence level. After the war no attempt was made to reunite them. Mass executions of civilians sympathetic to the Southern cause. One example, 10 men shot in Palmyra, Missouri, Oct. 18, 1862. In Roswell Ga. 400 young women and children were kept in an open town square for nearly a week in the hot July sun. Whiskey stores found their way into the hands of the guards. From that time on, the young girls lived a continual nightmare. In New Iberia, La., graveyards were ransacked and used for horse corrals. Even the churches were robbed of sacred vessels and pews. Homes were robbed of valuables, even clothing, bedding, and toys. On occasions when the Confederates routed out the Union Army, the Yankees would set fire to the homes as they left. In Alexandria, La., 90% of the city was burned. Women and children, screaming, ran to the river to escape the intense heat with only the clothing on their backs. Yankee terrorists even robbed and destroyed the plantations of free people of color. Rape and killing of black and mulatto women was common. In Charleston S.C., the U.S. government used Southern POW’s as human shields just outside their fort.

19. On March 2, 1867, the "Reconstruction Act" abolished civil government and divided the South into 5 military districts with a commander for each. It also declared that the southern states were not a part of the Union. This in contradiction to the very thing they said they were doing — "preserving the Union."

20. The Supreme Court ruled that Lincoln was wrong to use federal troops against the South. The Posse Commitatus Act was passed (1878) into law making such action unlawful. [This law is still valid today, yet in the name of a "drug war," federalized troops are being used against civilians (such as Waco).]

21. The principles of self-government (so often proclaimed by the North) were denied to the South.


The facts given here serve a three-fold purpose:

1)To show you that history is written by the Conqueror and therefore is biased to make the conquered appear bad and the Conqueror look good.

2)To cause you to question authority figures and their official news stories in the media.

3)To cause you to become angry enough over injustices to do something about them. [On this point let me remind you that voting will not work.]

The War of Northern Aggression is a prime example of how the Manipulators revise history. This fact sheet should cause you to ask, "If I was lied to (by way of deception) about this, then what am I being lied to about today?"

This war was the major turning point for America. Since then, it has changed our Christian culture into a Humanist culture. Instead of God being honored, the new god is the state. If you don’t believe this is true, just criticize the government in front of a group of patriotic Americans (so-called) and see how they react.

* Most of the facts compiled here are from The South Was Right by J.R. & W.D. Kennedy, Pelican Pub. Co., 1000 Burmaster, Gretna, La. and The New Covenant Messenger by Rev. Don Elmore, Issue 83, Mar. 2004, Union, Ky. See also

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