“The Commies’ Favourite President”


By Al Benson Jr.

Anyone that has taken the trouble to really check into the career of “Honest Abe” and who has not been conned into buying all the glitz about his wonderful, compassionate, Christian character, has got to realize that, in regard to Mr. Lincoln, the American people have been sold a bill of goods rivaled only by those who sell shares in the Brooklyn Bridge.

Within the past few years some really informative books on Lincoln have appeared, among them Professor Thomas DiLorenzo’s The Real Lincoln and Lincoln Unmasked. These will give you a view of Lincoln that the establishment historians would rather you did not have, as they tend to throw hot water on the Lincoln snowman, causing his legend to begin to melt around the edges.

Then, a couple years ago, Donnie Kennedy and I wrote Red Republicans and Lincoln’s Marxists. This book shed new light on Mr. Lincoln’s Marxist proclivities and friends, both in the Union armies and the Republican Party–hardly the “party of small government” as we’ve been told.

Interestingly enough, although the establishment historians have all rushed to defend Lincoln’s name regarding his leftist associations, the leftists, themselves, have had no trouble embracing Mr. Lincoln. They have done it willingly from Karl Marx on.

In an article in Newsweek for January 12, 2009, leftwing writer Christopher Hitchens made this comment: “When Barack Obama booked rooms in the Hay-Adams hotel, one both hopes and believes that he remembered what John Hay wrote of Lincoln (“The greatest character since Christ”) but also, in this time of capitalist crisis, bore in mind what Henry Adams said about the warmest friend of Lincoln and the Union being Karl Marx.” That one rather startling little quote should provide a starting point for those who want to do some research into what Lincoln was really all about.

Research has shown that Marx, Engels, and the vast majority of the radical socialists, communists, and other revolutionaries both in Europe and America supported Lincoln and the Union cause with little reservation. And the Marxists have little trouble admitting this.

In an article on http://www.marxist.com which appeared back in November of 2002, writer Alan Woods said: “The American people and above all the American working class have a great revolutionary tradition. On the basis of great historical events they are destined to rediscover those traditions and to stand once more in the front line of the revolution, as they did in 1776 and 1860.”

I think this Marxist writer is way off base about 1776, but he’s on target about 1860, not that the average working man was a fomenter of revolution, but Lincoln and the new Republican Party were. They had a vision for the future of this country that can only be described as radically socialist–the states were to be reduced to mere vassals of an all-powerful federal government in Washington. The concept of the sovereign rights of the individual states was to be put to rest forever. That was what Lincoln sought. It was the same thing Marx had sought in Europe and then supported when Lincoln did it here.

In 1848 Germany was made up of a whole batch of separate, semi-autonomous states, and this was one of the things the 1848 socialist revolts there sought to change. The socialists wanted what they called “democracy.” And their claim was “All Germany is declared to be a united, indivisible republic.” Does that sound familiar to anyone? How about “one nation indivisible” does that sound familiar? It’s what Marx wanted in Germany. It’s what Lincoln wanted here. It’s a totalitarian concept.

Interestingly, the concept of secession was viewed by Lincoln, Marx, and Hitler in exactly the same way. They were all opposed to it. Do you wonder why?  States that can secede if they wish are not under the control of a centralized government, hence they cannot be coerced against their will to do what their rulers want them to do, even if it is against their best interests.

Interestingly, not all young folks have bought the Lincoln myth. On a site called http://answers.yahoo.com  people were asked, in 2008, what impact Abraham Lincoln had on the world.  One thoroughly brainwashed person wrote: “he unified the United States after the civil war and abolished slavery.” Sorry, folks, but that one’s a bit inaccurate. Another responder named Rachel was much more on target. She wrote: “He showed the world that if you have enough military might, that you can subdue your own people at gunpoint, lie to them, and make them claim you’re a ‘great humanitarian’ after you’ve killed over 600,000 of them while also ignoring your constitution and grabbing powers that aren’t yours to claim and destroying and imprisoning anyone who challenges you.” She went on to note how the Chinese Communists put down rebellions “like Abraham Lincoln did” and they used that rationale when responding to US complaints about human rights. I don’t know if this girl was home schooled or not, but she sure has done the homework. Would to God all our young people had this much understanding.

I found it interesting that the Chinese Reds harked back to Lincoln to justify putting their people under oppression and that the US could not respond to that claim. They couldn’t because they knew it was true! And so Lincoln emerged, in the 20th century, as the icon of Communist governments, a position he holds with singular distinction for those who recognize what he was really all about.

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