Capitol Monuments Challenged (Again)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Capitol Monuments Challenged (Again)

Spring is coming soon, so it’s time for the annual attack on Confederate monuments at the North Carolina State Capitol. This time around, the N.C. Historic Commission is concerned about the "underrepresentation of women and ethnic minorities at the State Capitol and on the grounds." The Historic Commission, apparently run by the same crowd who is trying to "diversify" history education in the public schools, now wants to "diversify" the monuments at the Capitol.

While the Historic Commission claims that it does not plan to [immediately] remove any existing monuments, we can expect them to be diluted as new monuments are erected to relatively insignificant ethnic minorities from North Carolina’s past. The News & Observer has already begun the process of deriding the existing monuments: "There are already monuments honoring Confederate soldiers killed in the Civil War and white supremacy activist Gov. Charles Aycock." [Question for the N&O: When did Aycock transform from "the education governor" to "white supremacy activist"?]

You have the opportunity to speak in favor of keeping the Capitol grounds as they are by attending public hearings in Asheville (at the YMI Cultural Center) on Monday, 15 February; in Raleigh (at the State Capitol) on Thursday, 18 February; and Greenville (at the Carol Belk Building on the ECU campus) next Monday, 22 February. All of the meetings will be at 7PM. If you can’t attend one of these events, please post comments in favor of maintaining the existing Capitol grounds on the blog of the Capitol Memorial Study Committee.

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