The South shall rise

Filing continues. Alas, Mike Ross is in. Robbie Wills officially joined the 2nd District race. (He’s for jobs. Me, too.) Gov. Mike Beebe is in. Etc.

But there was at least one item of passing interest. Loy Mauch of Bismarck filed  for House District 26, as a Republican. (If only the CSA had a party.)

Regular readers of the D-G letters page (those with strong stomachs, in other words) know the name. There was his protest, along with his Sons of the Confederate Veteran chapter, over a statute of Abraham Lincoln on display at the Hot Springs Convention Center. There’s his veneration of the Confederate battle flag, as evidenced when James Vandiver lowered the D.C. flag and raised the Dixie banner over his motel.

For Loy Mauch of Bismarck in Hot Spring County, the Confederate flag is a symbol of America’s Christian roots, from which he believes the nation has strayed.

 “The government has lost its moral authority over God-fearing Americans and I wish more patriots like James Vandiver would take their stand for what the Confederate Battle Flag truly symbolizes,” Mauch wrote.

David O. Dodd, reinforcements are on the way.

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