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Saturday, April 10, 2010

I know you all have been made aware of the various polls being taken in Virginia as a result of Governor Bob McConnell’s proclamation of Confederate Heritage Month in Virginia after an eight-year period of two previous Governors refusing to issue one. I hope you are taking the time to respond to those polls we are made aware of.

There are two important lessons to be learned from this. First of all, those whose life mandate and desire to erase everything Confederate are not asleep, but rather are continuously and diligently striving toward that end. To them, truth is not relevant. It does not matter that both slavery and secession were accepted Constitutional issues at the time. It does not matter that a United States government controlled by the North was wholly complicit in the slavery issue in the South, and wished only to contain it to Southern states as the nation expanded, that very government having reaped immense profits from cotton revenue. Further, after four years of war, and twelve years of reconstruction wherein the Federal government completely controlled the affairs of the South, that government did little to assuage the plight of slaves nor rehabilitate those they freed in the process. It was not until 1964, one hundred years later, the victorious North finally determined to act. Yet, the South, and our Confederate ancestors continue to bear the blame for the entire sordid affair to this day. It is not surprising that those who wish to avoid the guilt of ten decades of Federal complicity find it much more convenient to continue to assail the South in its failed attempt of self-determination long ago.

It is left solely to us to vigorously confront those whose agenda is based on manipulated and distorted history, with fact and truth whether they want to hear it or not. They do not rest in their quest, nor should we.

The second point brought out in these polls is that this Governor reinstated the proclamation following eight years of not having one, thereby creating an unfortunate polarizing effect among Virginians. This should serve as a warning to us all, in that we cannot and absolutely must not give ground that we have gained in protecting and preserving our heritage–not one inch–not ever. What is happening in Virginia is the reality of the tribulation encountered in gaining back something lost. My friends, in defense of the ideals of our history and heritage, and the protection of our symbols, we must be both vigilant and jealous. It is easier by far to protect what one has, rather than have to fight to regain what has been lost. Let us all rededicate ourselves to our continuing duty to preserve the sacred trust bequeathed to us by our Confederate ancestors, wherein is no shame.

Ed Funchess, Chief of Staff (Send comments to),
Mississippi Division, SCV

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