The New Intolerance

Friday, April 9, 2010

Pat Buchanan examines "the hysteria that seized Obamaville on hearing that Gov. Bob McDonnell had declared Confederate History Month in the Old Dominion." If you’re wondering what triggered such hatred against Americans, Buchanan has the answer. The truth is blunt and ugly:

What of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, at whose request McDonnell issued his proclamation? What racist deeds have they perpetrated of late? …

Why are they vilified?

Because they are Southern white Christian men—none of whom defends slavery, but all of whom are defiantly proud of the South, its ancient faith and their forefathers who fell in the Lost Cause.

That’s the real significance of this story — it says everything we need to know about the new political order that’s replaced the America we grew up in. It is an utterly intolerant, hateful, totalitarian regime based on "correct" political thought and globalism. It despises the heroes of our traditional culture because it considers that traditional culture its enemy.

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