Confederate fallen soldiers to be remembered in ceremony

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April 19, 2010

Cannon blasts, gunfire and re-enactors dressed as Rebel soldiers and grieving Southern belles will commemorate Confederate Memorial Day on Sunday at Pilgrims Rest Cemetery, 791 W. Granada Blvd., Ormond Beach.

Ceremonies open to the public begin at 2 p.m., and light refreshments will be offered.

"Our memorial service is to honor the Civil War soldiers who fought and died for the Confederate States of America," said Nancy Partridge of Ormond Beach, a direct descendant of the cemetery’s original land donor. "It is part of the preservation of the heritage of America’s South."

For the first time, seven Confederate iron crosses have been installed marking graves of the soldiers buried at the 100-plus-year-old cemetery, said Ron Alcorn, spokesman for the J. Franklin Hull Light Artillery Camp of the Confederate States of America/Florida.

That group will participate with an honor guard, dressed in period clothing. Other re-enactment groups from around Florida have also been invited, Partridge said. A bagpiper will also perform.

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