Slavery! Slavery! Slavery!

By Al Benson Jr.

Next year (2011) this country will commemorate the 150th anniversary of the War of Northern Aggression, known to the naïve as “the Civil War.” It wasn’t a “Civil War” but that’s what most contemporary “history” books tell us and if you can’t trust your “history” book, well, what then can you trust? Answer: lots of things, just not your contemporary “history” books.

Judging by the theological and political left’s rabid reaction to the Confederate History Month proclamation by Virginia’s Governor, it would seem that we are in for a long year of having the slavery issue pushed down our throats by the prostitute press, most people in what passes for government these days, and most of our contemporary “historians” (I use that term in the loosest possible sense.)

When the official celebration of the War commences next year you can bet that the federal government will be fully parroting the line that the only reason the South fought was so she could keep her slaves–no other considerations need be mentioned, nor will they be. The slavery issue will be heralded from the federal housetops and the noise will be so overbearing that nothing can compete with it.

In the past few years, several writers have had works published that dealt with the War and its reasons with great accuracy, among them Thomas DiLorenzo. His two books on Lincoln, The Real Lincoln  and Lincoln Unmasked should be required reading for every high school student in the land. Several other writers have contributed good works to the effort to get people to really look at the reasons this War was fought and not to just take the word of their “history” books or “professors.” Donnie Kennedy and I co-authored Red Republicans and Lincoln’s Marxists which dealt with an aspect of Lincoln and the War that is almost never touched upon, the Marxist influence the European “Forty-eighters” had on Lincoln and the Union. Our book is still available. Check out

It is to be expected that the current regime has taken note of all the books by various authors out there that are telling the truth about the real reasons for the War. Suffice it to say that they would love to find a way to counteract that truth and get the majority of the American public to go back to believing that the War was fought so Southerners could keep their slaves. The fact that such a ludicrous position defies common sense bothers these people not at all. Historical fact will not support it. But, hey, who cares? Just shout the lie loud enough and often enough with the help of a compliant media and you can drown out the truth! That’s what we can expect both this year and next year as the sesquicentennial of the War officially begins.

I believe, in the next twelve months, we will see a media blitz of horrendous proportions, aimed at convincing people all over the country that the South had no other reason for seceding than the desire to perpetuate slavery and to extend it further west. That’s a basically untenable position, too, but again, this doesn’t matter. The volume of the left’s argument is what they hope to grab people’s attention with. Truth doesn’t matter–in fact never let the truth get in the way of a good line of baloney!

So, folks, get ready. We are about to be bombarded with propaganda about Slavery! Slavery! Slavery! in the next few months. The Virginia Governor’s proclamation sort of caught the left by surprise, maybe upset their schedule a little, and so they jumped out with a vehement response to his actions possibly a little earlier than they had intended to. In doing so, they’ve shown us where they intend to try to take the country in the next year regarding the reasons for the War.

Ask yourself this–about 75-80% of the men in the Confederate armies never owned a slave, never hoped to own a slave. Would these men have fought for four long, miserable years of privation, hunger, and danger, with all they had to put up with, so their neighbor down the road who owned 100 slaves could keep them? Would you have? I wouldn’t–and neither did the vast majority of them! Anyone who can’t see past the slavery issue isn’t really trying.

Be that as it may, get ready for the propaganda blitz anyway.

Content ©2010  Al Benson Jr.

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