April is Confederate History Month

Calvin E. Johnson, Jr., Chairman of the National and Georgia Division Confederate History and Heritage Month Committee of the Sons of Confederate Veterans
1064 West Mill Drive
Kennesaw, Georgia 30152
Phone: 770 330 9792
Email: cjohnson?61@bellsouth.net

Mike Crane, Co Chairman
Email: mikecrane@tds.net

Members: Billy Bearden, Jeff Davis, John Black, James King and Fred Wilhite

Dear Friends,

The following report for Confederate History Month 2010 has also been published in the Georgia Confederate newspaper of the Georgia Division Sons of Confederate Veterans—Mr. Tim Pilgrim, Editor. Go to link below and page 5. Take the time to read the entire January-February edition of the Georgia Confederate that includes the story and pictures from the 2010 Robert E. Lee Birthday Celebration in Milledgeville, Georgia. If you are not a member of the SCV, go to last page for subscription information for the print edition.


Please share the following letter and repost to everyone who loves and appreciates the proud history of our Southern-Confederate Grandfathers and Mothers and…… also share with the children who are our future leaders. Permission is granted to place in publications.

In 2009, the Georgia General Assembly approved Senate Bill No. 27, signed by Governor Sonny Perdue, officially designating April permanently as Confederate History and Heritage Month. See proclamation at:


On January 3, 2010, Governor Sonny Perdue signed an annual proclamation for Confederate History Month. See proclamation:


Who will follow Georgia’s lead?

Save http://confederatehistorymonth.com and http://confederateheritagemonth.com on your computer of favorite places. It is full speed ahead for Confederate History Month 2010. We ask for God’s guidance and will come together during the month of April in educating 50 million people or more the truth of the Confederate men and women of the Old South who stood for States Rights and freedom and gave us our wonderful Southern Heritage. They stood tall just like their ancestors who fought for American freedom and independence in 1776.

It is my great pleasure to serve National SCV Commander Charles McMichael and Georgia Division SCV Commander Jack Bridwell as Chairman of the 2010, Confederate History and Heritage Month committee for the Sons of Confederate Veterans.. I have asked the following to again serve on this our very important committee: Commander Jack Bridwell and Commander Chuck McMichael as advisors, Co-Chairman Mike Crane, Billy Bearden, Jeff Davis, John Black, James King and Fred Wilhite. Your committee needs your help and needs to hear from you all.

You are all appointed as Honorary Ambassadors of Good Will to promote Confederate History Month throughout the USA. Please spread the good news at SCV, UDC, American Legion, VFW, DAR, SAR and other Civic, Historical and Patriotic groups meetings.

Dear Ladies of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, Daughters of the American Revolution and Order of Confederate Rose please help us get the good word out!

See a sample proclamation that you can use with minor word changes to send to your mayor, commissioner or governor at: http://confederateheritagemonth.com/heritage/sample.php

We have a new brochure and poster that you can be distributed to libraries, schools, etc.which will be posted soon.

Committee Member John Black is now taking orders for large and small orders of Confederate History Month stickers and you can call him for a price at: 1-800-942-2447 or email at: dixiedepot@gmail.com

We have already posted Confederate History Month minutes on CHHM page that you may use for newspaper, radio and TV, daily or weekly, tributes.

Shall we make our goal this year for 1,000 proclamations from city, county and governors—Nationwide? I have received word that Cobb County and Acworth will again honor us in March with a proclamation.

Let’s us all work to make April—Confederate History and Heritage Month a month to remember! With the favor and guidance of Almighty God, April will be a Dixie month to remember. Lest We Forget!

You can contact me at: cjohnson?61@bellsouth.net or the Georgia Division Confederate Heritage Month Committee at Proclamations2010@confederatehistorymonth.com.

On The Web:   http://confederatehistorymonth.com/scv/index.php?SessID=735951


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