The Compassion Of The Left

By Al Benson Jr.

Those of us who lean to the right politically and theologically are continually being upbraided by those on the evangelical and political left because we are not “loving” enough. We just don’t seem to show much compassion for welfare deadbeats, communists, socialists, illegal immigrants, women’s libbers and other such multicultural, politically correct types.

Those on the left continue to try to portray themselves as caring, loving, compassionate, and concerned, while they seek to pretend that all others are racists, hate mongers and male chauvinist pigs, or to use today’s vernacular of the uncouth (thanks to the uncouth in Congress)–low level terrorists.

However, in this past month, I noticed that the left seemed to shed its compassionate and caring image when it came to those who celebrated Confederate History Month in April. I, and many others, were treated to a spate of columns and editorials in some newspapers expressing opinions from the left that can only be labeled as downright vicious when it came to Confederate History Month.

Southerners were labeled as traitors and people whose only, and I mean ONLY reason for fighting against invading forces during the War of Northern Aggression was to preserve the institution of slavery. The fact that Southerners could have kept their slaves had they stayed in the Union was never once mentioned in all the articles I read–and I read several most every day in April. Southerners were smeared, slandered, and probably libeled, in many of the articles I read. The attempt at Southern cultural genocide in many of these articles was more transparent than Obama’s  transparency in government by a darn sight. Were I a native Southerner and people said some of the downright nasty things said  in some of those articles about my ancestors, I would be hoppin’ mad.

Many of the people that wrote some of this hogwash displayed an amazing lack of historical grasp of anything. They probably learned everything they thought they knew from television or the public brain laundries we charitably call public schools. In either case, they were woefully shortchanged and didn’t have enough sense to realize it. Their historical ignorance was writ large in their articles. Secession was not treason. Slavery was not the only reason the South fought the war. Confederate soldiers fighting against invading hordes of Yankees, some whom were socialists and Marxists, were not terrorists. All of these foolish accusations I read in various articles.

Folks, let’s face the truth. For all their protestations about being loving and compassionate, the leftists are a hate-filled group. They hate anything Southern or Confederate and most of all, they hate anything remotely Christian.

At its deepest root, Christianity is the real problem for the left. The Scriptures correctly state that all men are sinners and in need of the cleansing power of Jesus Christ to remove that sin. The leftists do not want to consider themselves sinners–anyone to the right of Castro or Hugo Chavez is probably a sinner but those on the left are as pure as the driven snow–in their own eyes. They choose not to recognize their need of Jesus Christ, and hence constitute themselves apostate.

They hate the South because the South has Christian roots. That’s what they really can’t stand. Many Confederate flags have Christian roots and many well-known Southern leaders were devout Christian men–and that simply drives the leftists up the wall. So flags and statues have to come down and street names need to be replaced with the names of adulterers and plagiarists. When that occurs the left is happy and they can then go back to pretending they are compassionate and loving–until the next Southern or Confederate event comes down the pike and they have to unpack the vitriol all over again, all the while hoping no one notices.

However, at some point, the Lord will judge their political dog and pony show and they will have to give account for it–and that’s one truth that really bothers some of them.

©2010  Al Benson Jr.

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