White Man Rising: The Confederacy

White Man Rising: The Confederacy

by David Yeagley
April 22, 2010

April is Confederate History Month, as declared by the patriotic state governors of numerous southern states, most recently by Governor McDonnell of Virginia. In 2008, BadEagle.com presented a series of twelve articles on the South, during the month of April. We established that Ann Coulter clearly acknowledges the superior patriotism of the South, and we have also noted her disdain and condemnation for the Ivy League traitors of the North–the sons of the Pilgrims, who devolved into “liberals.” The North claimed moral superiority, of course, as all liberals always do, and the South was left with a black eye, so to speak, or, a social blight that remains to this day through liberal media repetition and propaganda.

It is interesting to note, however, how that certain social entities, if consistent, and if remaining steadfast through decades, finally appear to have changed positions! This is not because they changed, but because society around them changed. Indeed, the South today represents all that’s left of true American patriotism, in principle, despite the fact that the South was painted as the evil, anti-American force during the 19th century. The South hasn’t changed. It is the liberal North that has lost its way in all matters of morality, sexuality, and race. The philosophy of the North has brought mass confusion and social autolysis to America. The liberal philosophy has brought an alien, lying black African Communist in to the White House. This is the zenith of absurdity and abstraction. This is social theory, not practical reality. This is ideology, not pragmatism. Abstraction is always self-destructive, and Barry “Obama” Soetoro is a living, verbal testimony to the ill effects of the superficiality created by the illusive, seductive vice of abstraction. This is the modus operandi of the current “acting” president of the United States. He epitomizes the impotence of abstraction. His words are like blank checks. Anyone can fill in any amount of meaning desired or needed. Barry’s just a good liar, nothing more.

Another example of social change versus social consistency would be the Roman Catholic Church in America. America was founded out of rejection of Romanism (and the Church of England). As Yale’s Sydney Ahlstrom said (A Religious History of the American People, Yale, 1974), p.114:

A fierce tradition of anti-Catholicism, bothy visceral and dogmatic, is one of Puritanism’s most active legacies to Anglo-American civilization.

But today, we have six Roman Catholics on the nine-member Supreme Court of the United States of America. The Catholic tradition, instead of being abhored and shunned as it originally was by the founding fathers, has become the center of ideological conservatism in America. This is rather incredible, historically. But, it isn’t because Catholic dogma has changed. It is because Coulter’s “liberals,” the traitorous, wayward sons of the Pilgrims, the Protestants, the “WASPs,” have forsaken their foundations. They have changed, not the Romanists. The Catholics now find themselves representing the pith of American tradition and conservatism.

But now, what of the return of real Americanism? Is America left to a malaise of pluralism and internationalism within our borders? Is a meaningless culture of confusion all we can ever expect now? Is there no hope of recovery?

Foreigners of every grade, color, and religion have infiltrated the South quite as much as anywhere else in America–certainly in the larger cities. Only rural America may hold a sense of “earthy” patriotism. Ideological patriotism has its place, and its strength, but, without the earth, without the original race, religion, and language, we have Pakastani murders in the woodlands. We have a foreign race, religion, and language prospering on the countryside–maybe even in Georgia. (Of course, our only hope of hearing of these camps in media was FoxNews; but, since Rupert Murdoch sold a significant portion of the corporation to Saudi Arabia, it is not likely that we’ll hear much more from FoxNews in the way of negative Muslim news. However, that sale was actually in 2005, and the Hannity report on Jihadist camps in America was in 2009, so, maybe there is still hope.)

States rights, the issue which cause the Civil War, is certainly revived in America at this present time. Specifically regarding the Democrat Death Care plan (better known as the Obama-Reid-Pelosi “Health Care” plan), thirteen state attorneys general filed suit against the federal government immediately after Barry signed the odious bill, and more state attorneys have followed–some 20 as of this month.

There are a number of major, national issues in which states see the federal government as overreaching its Constitutional authority. This general debate centers on the 10th Amendment of the US Constitution:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Of course, the whole idea behind American government was that it would be representative. Through elected officers, the government would express the will of the people. It is that elected arrangement, that “republican” process, that mob rule would be eliminated. Of course, the Democrat appeal is to the mob mentality, but, this has an interesting way of turning out to be tyranny, every time. Democrat rule tends toward tyranny because when the mob is losed, it takes tyranny to control it. All we have to do is consider the French Revolution for that lesson.

In the meantime, Communist America continually appeals to racial agitation to keep the mob alive and threatening. That’s why Barry was put in office. Republicans make a grave and lethal error in imitating the Democrat manoeuver by putting persons of color in leadership positions over the dominant white society. Minorities cannot rule over majority populations, not in America. The Communist ideology of “equality” is a delusion, designed to destroy any establishment, anywhere, at any time. It is the very spirit of Satan–rebellion. Never mind its slogans. Just observe its mass murderous actions. (The Harvard Black Book of Communism, 1997). And consider Islam another useful idiot in the mix.

America was the last frontier of Communism. Communism has made frightful inroads into the very foundations of Americanism. We have Communists–anti-Americans, in the highest offices in the country. Communists have used race to get where they are.

So, given the givens, my intuitions tell me that the South will have an essential role in the salvation of America. I look for what’s left of the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant to come out of the South. This is all that’s left of the original America. Any “new” America, without the fundamental elements of nationhood–race, religion, language, borders, unified culture–will leave the door open to the perpetual menace of the Communist ideology.

And one final word on abstraction: the founding fathers reflected their own values when they wrote the constitution. It was self-affirming, nothing more. I for one do not believe they envisioned the America of today. Multiculturalism, Communist equality, or pluraism were never part of their vision or purpose. It is the abstract nature of legal language, the statement of “principle,” which allows a diverse application, and an autolytic reversal of meaning. The fathers were aware of that, and warned against it in the 9th Amendment. They weren’t lost in abstraction.

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