Marines Reject Rebel Ink?

By fitsnews
May 6, 2010

By FITSNews || We take anything that we read on World Net Daily with an ocean of salt, but occasionally the socially-conservative news outlet stumbles upon an interesting scoop.

Like this story about a would-be U.S. Marine who was allegedly booted from the Corps because of a Confederate flag tattoo on his arm.

The Marines have a fairly extensive tattoo policy, which was updated as recently as January of this year.  Among other banned ink designs, it prohibits tattoos that are “racist” or display “anti-American content.”

That basically means that we’re back to the debate over whether the Confederate flag is racist … which the Marines have apparently answered in the affirmative.

Personally, we think any person who is willing to volunteer for the U.S Military – especially the Marines – should be allowed to wear whatever sort of tattoo they want, wherever they want to wear it.

Seriously, whether it’s a Confederate flag or a “Kill Whitey” tattoo, what’s the big deal?  Red and yellow, black and white, all U.S. soldiers are ostensibly fighting for “freedom,” right?


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