In Government Schools Soviet Flags Are In While Confederate Flags Are Out

By Al Benson Jr.

According to The Detroit News for June 9th, there is another interesting flag issue unfolding in a government school in New Boston, Michigan. It seems that a student has been commanded to remove a Confederate flag from his truck while it is in the school parking lot. This is typical for government schools all around the country. They slather themselves in political correctness by trying to banish what the educrats don’t like. It seems that, in this case, Confederate flags offend their tender sensibilities, but the fact that a teacher in the same school has a Soviet flag in his classroom, and has had it there for years, somehow doesn’t bother them at all.

The student’s father recently told a school board meeting that they displayed a double standard in this situation. To the father’s untrained eye that would seem to be correct. To those who really comprehend the government school system it isn’t. Supposedly the educrats don’t like Confederate flags because they represent the KKK and “racism.” The Soviet flag probably represents the millions slaughtered by the Communists in their seventy-year reign of terror in Russia and other places, but, hey, that’s okay. Some will probably say that it’s okay because the Soviet flag is hanging next to an American flag, but that begs the issue. Communist flags seemingly don’t belong in American classrooms–now wait a minute, maybe on the other hand they really are more appropriate than they seem there.

If you understand the history of the government school system you might be able to understand where a Communist flag fits in there. Back in the late 1830s Unitarian Horace Mann worked to implement state-run education in Massachusetts because he didn’t like the children being under the influence of all those church-run schools. As a Unitarian, Mann had nothing but contempt for real Christian education and so he labored to reduce its effects. Sadly, most Christians in that era helped him do it. Along came the socialists, men like Robert Owen and Robert Dale Owen, his son. They taught that man’s problems were caused by his environment not his sinful nature and so if you could just put the kids in the proper environment you would cure such problems as crime, poverty, etc. Well, the government school system has been trying for 150 years plus now. Do you think we are any better off? If anything things have gotten worse. Seems like the more money you spend for government education the worse things get. Maybe there’s a lesson there.

By the late 1840s Karl Marx had come along and written the Communist Manifesto, in which he advocated “Free education for all children in public schools…” Of course it was never really “free” but then Marx, like our current politicians, lied about so much else why should be believe him here?

Marx was very much in favor of government-run education (all the better to brainwash you with my dear).

For the Unitarians and socialists, government education became the redemptive messiah for all the world’s ills. Years ago the late Presbyterian theologian Rousas J. Rushdoony wrote a book about this called “The Messianic Character of American Education.” If you can still get a copy it’s worth a read. You’ll learn a lot about government education that Wikipedia will never tell you.

As the decades passed, the socialists developed even more their possibilities for promoting their own worldview as part of the government school curriculum. Atheist socialist John Dewey has been called “the father of modern education.” According to Dr. Gregory Thompson’s book “Giving Aid and Comfort To The Enemy” page 34 tells us of Dewey that “He is the co-author of the ‘Humanist Manifesto’ and was cited as belonging to fifteen Marxist-front organizations by the Committee on Un-American Activities. Do the words ‘the father of modern education’ now take on new meaning? “

Dewey didn’t like students that were not under the control of the government system. Of them he noted: “Children who know how to think for themselves spoil the harmony of the collective society which is coming…” Dr. Thompson’s book also noted the comments of Rosalie Gordon, who wrote a book “What’s Happened to Our Schools.” In that she noted that: “The Progressive system has reached all the way down to the lowest grades to prepare the children of America for their role as the collectivists of the future.” Isn’t that nice? Does it give you the warm fuzzies? Your children are to be the collectivists of the future. Do you wonder why Obama has given the schools so much attention?

Dr. Thompson’s book also observes: “Today there are over 10,000 openly Marxist professors and thousands of Humanist professors controlling the State Universities  and Colleges that produce America’s teachers and other professionals. Varying forms of Marxist-Humanism are the predominant philosophies of the educational establishment; yet we repeatedly send our most precious gift (our children) off the THEM for ‘education.’ ..Basically, we are letting the Devil educate our children.” And we wonder why we’re having problems!

So to sum up, just maybe the Soviet flag really is what ought to be in classrooms in government schools. Just maybe Confederate flags don’t really belong in such establishments–and neither do the kids that wear or fly them. Those kids would be much better off in private, preferably Christian schools or being taught at home. In fact, all Christian kids would be better off being out of government schools. If the socialists want them for their children, that’s fine. Let them have them. But since education is inescapably religious in nature to begin with, and many Confederate flags are based on Christian symbols, it might be better if those families that have no problem with Christian and Confederate symbols were not under the authority of a socialist-dominated government school system.

Those kids could then be taught to think like individuals and not part of the socialist collective–and that would really have old John Dewey spinning in his grave!

Content ©2010  Al Benson Jr.

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