Group Claims Discrimination In Plans To Celebrate Confederate Statue

June 29, 2010

A 26-foot-tall statue honoring Confederate soldiers stands in the heart of downtown Reidsville.

The group Sons and Daughters of the Confederacy on Tuesday evening is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the statue’s unveiling, but representatives from the group said city officials made planning the event difficult.

Group spokesman Jerry Hobbs said at first the city welcomed the celebration with open arms, but later ruled out any march in the streets and are not allowing guns to be fired in honor of those killed in the war. Hobbs said the city finally pulled out of the event entirely.

Hobbs said he feels the city is discriminating against the group.

Reidsville events manager Teresa Scoble said no one has complained about the proposed celebrations, and the city pulling out of the event was neither political nor racial.

She said the reason she’s been unable to offer assistance is because she’s been too busy working on the grand opening of a downtown business and the paving of a nearby parking lot.

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