Why POTUS Loves to Visit Asheville, NC: It’s All About Liberals!

There is some North Carolina history you might not be aware of, a state run by Democrats and their good-old-boy politicians.


It is why I was not surprised by the story titled, Pastor Yanked From Capitol Over ‘Jesus’ Prayer, run on July 9, 2010. FOX News reported that the honorary chaplain of the North Carolina state house of representatives, Pastor Ron Baity, would be relieved of his duties for speaking the word of Jesus to the many soiled good-old-boy weasels of the NC state legislature, his being yanked off of state property.

I mean doesn’t the Bible in Matthew 7:6 already warn of throwing pearls to swine anyway?

In fact, I believe North Carolina might have the record for the most elected government officials ever to be sentenced to jail. But as the state of North Carolina turns even more liberal, who will be left to put the corrupt away? The Democrat Party probably hopes nobody, the new DNC in Washington already at work doing this from the top down under Obama’s new (DOI) Department of Injustice.

When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty. – Thomas Jefferson

Looking at it this way, it’s obvious Jesus (or any other religious figure) hasn’t been around much to instruct those elected to (cough) serve in North Carolina state government about morals and character. Besides, unfortunately in democracies the people usually get the government they richly deserve.

I guess this especially applies to America since it’s no longer a Republic, the demise of the status warned by Thomas Jefferson. He said it would happen if the people were ever to vote to take free money off the backs of others, which they it did in the November election of 2008 of the Socialist Barack H. Obama.

The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not. – Thomas Jefferson

So as Rev. Wright had shouted from his pulpit, I guess the chickens really have come home to roast.

Therefore, it should be no surprise that North Carolina is becoming one of the most liberal progressive states in the union. For instance, state law had required that when a citizen accepts an elected position in NC they’re required to put their hand on a Bible to be sworn into office.

But in the last November election for a councilman in Asheville, North Carolina, Cecil Bothwell, an atheist, openly broke the law and refused to put his hand on a Bible as an oath to promise to be honorable when serving the people of Asheville. The North Carolina DOJ simply ignored Bothwell’s refusal, Bothwell instead giving an oath based on his own value system. In the end Cecil was allowed to openly break state law, the North Carolina Department of (cough) Justice reported to have done nothing.

This is the same department that allowed the Duke craziness to go on for so long that officials could no longer hide the injustices they had personally allowed by one of their own dirt bags, Mike Nifong.

DOJ won’t investigate Duke lacrosse prosecutor Nifong

The NC DOJ’s blatant disregard for justice had finally made global headlines, revealing an operation run by a bunch of good-old-boys drunk from too much power and moonshine, a laughing stock operation delivered to the world of the Keystone Cops.

Keystone Kops – The Keystone Hotel

A few years ago the state also ignored the growing membership of the new SDS from the 1960s, SDS members chasing a former conservative Congressman off the Campus of UNC at Chapel Hill. Looking at their Web site, you would have to agree the North Carolina DOJ had to know what was going to come down. Yet as with Nifong, it simply turned its head knowing a former congressman would be put into harm’s way.

Speak out for immigrants rights and against racism!

The former congressman had come to UNC at Chapel Hill to discuss the serious problem of illegal aliens in America at an evening event when the SDS threw rocks, breaking the glass in the classroom windows he was speaking in, threatening his life.

Tom Tancredo Event UNC Shut Down By Violence

UNC was also the same campus where most employees of its student library had been complaining annually they were offended by Christmas trees being put up during, you know, the "Christmas" holiday. So the director decided not to put them up, keeping them locked up in storage. Of course there were no reports of anyone asking the students what they wanted, the paying customers who are supposed to be the ones served.

No Christmas Trees at UNC

North Carolina became a state that would be owned by the Democrat Party from 1898 when the party’s white supremacists created an environment where over a dozen black Republican businessmen were openly murdered for being conservative and black. After that event the state has been owned by the Democrat Party.

About 60 years later the state’s arrogant Democrat Party would go on to name its annual state fund raising event after one of those supremacists, Charles Aycock, saying (cough) he was an advocate of education.

How Democrats and the Media Destroyed Freedoms Before!
It’s amazing how the facts of White Supremacists when they were Democrats have their bigot history somehow erased, as in this Grave finding Web site.
Charles Aycock, NC White Supremacist . . . and Educator?

Yet Charles B. Aycock was reported to have said the following in a speech he made in December of 1903 to the North Carolina Society, five years after the massacre of conservative blacks in North Carolina:

"But there flows in my veins the blood of the dominant race; that race that has conquered the earth and seeks out the mysteries of the heights and depths. If manifest destiny leads to the seizure of Panama, it is certain that it likewise leads to the dominance of the Caucasian. When the negro recognizes this fact we shall have peace and good will between the races."

So with Obama along with his Democrats in Congress pushing for socialist agendas such euthanasia, faith-based physicians forced to give abortions in hospitals, and abortions paid by the American taxpayers, with North Carolina already having a state medical board accountable to no one in a Democrat supported legislature state, the state political environment is environmentally ripe for abuses against any doctors who finds the new Obamacare Health bill offensive or interfering with their patient-doctor relationship.

Of course if a Republican fund-raising committee did this for a fine educated citizen who was also an upstanding North Carolina White Supremacist, it would have been called Racist by the likes of Jesse Jackson, arranging bus loads of NAACP members to protest those fund-raising meetings.

But for the North Carolina Democrat Party? Not those good-old-boys, having its fund raiser named after Aycock for over forty years now.

As I have always said about too many Democrats leaders today, the heart doesn’t fall far from the sheets, proven again in Bill Clinton’s tearful speech over the death of West Virginia’s Senator Robert Byrd, the progressive media’s lap dogs licking up Clinton’s words as fast as they could.

Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government. – Thomas Jefferson – (And when they are not?)

Ironically, it was reported that it was Bill Clinton himself who had made a comment to the late Senator Ted Kennedy, saying of a potential Obama candidacy, A few years ago this guy would have been getting us coffee.

Teddy’s anger

You would think blacks in NC, or even good old Al Sharpton, would picket the North Carolina’s Democrat’s annual fund raiser named in Aycock’s honor. But hell no, black Democrats even attend it, celebrating the deaths of those black conservatives they sometimes call Oreo Cookies today, an obviously accepted racist statement only allowed by Democrats and America’s drive-by media such as CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, The Washington Post, The New York Times, TIME, Newsweek Magazine, the New Yorker, etc. Do I really need to go on about these progressive bigots?

EVEN Obama attended one of those events during his 2008 campaign in Asheville. He later returned this year for his vacation at the same facility where the event had featured, the Grove Park Inn Resort and Spa. The local daily newspaper of record for Asheville, the Asheville Citizen Times owned by Gannett, even wet its panties writing of all the places in the area their POTUS could visit.

Live coverage of President Barack Obama in Asheville coming today

Oh, on the values of the now Councilman Cecil Bothwell?

He had written a book calling Billy Graham the Prince of War and reported that the fetus was a parasite to its mother, similar ideologies found with some of Obama’s Czars.

Asheville, North Carolina Councilman Cecil Bothwell Acts as Abortion Center Escort

Bothwell also supports the growing of hemp, wanting farmers in the area to plant the stuff to (cough) help the local economy.

Hemp History Week: Asheville

And you thought California was liberal, Asheville called Little San Francisco. I refer to it as Boulder East because of the progressive major U.S. weather research centers located in each city. It you remember it was also Boulder’s School System that had brought in "experts" to speak to the students at the local high school about enjoying sex and drugs, parents furious they weren’t notified of the content of the event.

As an unknown preacher warned our society that slobbers over so many of its progressive celebrities and their ideologies, If God blesses America, he will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.

But don’t laugh. The warning was real.

Lech Walesa, the Polish freedom fighter who fought Russian domination over his country and put his life on the line, recently observed America was no longer the moral authority of the world. This was around the same time Barack Obama was flying Air Force One up to Norway to grab a Noble Peace Prize for himself for what the committee said, "he might do," as opposed to what Walesa did do.

As we have discovered since for Obama, it hasn’t been much!

Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe. – Frederick Douglass

The Frederick Douglass Foundation



I have to admit how naive I was of North Carolina’s political history after moving to the western part of the state from the northeast almost seven years ago. You should know from a retirement point of view, I researched on this area for almost three years creating a fact’s binder.

At the time, I thought the state might be a wonderful God-fearing place filled with faith-based people. But I discovered instead too much of it was filled with arrogant progressives, manhandling social issues that had been reserved for the people, reports of politics more corrupt than what I had seen in New Jersey.

But now that the people of New Jersey have had enough of the failed progressive agenda and elected Governor Christie to run their state, North Carolina has moved to the top of my corrupt list. Compared to Governor Bev Perdue, it’s like night and day when serving the needs of the people.

In my research of this area, I should have also realized the retirement Web sites were in part trying to relocate new money here, and probably why none of them mentioned the San Francisco environment found in the city of Asheville. If they had, we might have retired to another location. But today, seeing Asheville being extremely limited in its impact to the other 22 wonderful, surrounding mountain counties, my wife and I do not regret our decision.

However, now living in western North Carolina for over half a decade, I have discovered the meaning of a southern Democrat, which seems to be one whom serves the party before anything else . . . "my granddaddy voted Democrat, my daddy voted Democrat, and I’ll vote Democrat!"

They seem so caged to the party they stick to the party line even if it insults their faith-based beliefs to the point of allowing the party to corrupt their basic family values. Amazing! I even had the recent opportunity to sit in a larger local Baptist church where the preacher suddenly felt comfortable using the Obama code word for Marxism, or better known as social justice.

Democrats to never question the party’s progressive motives have become their own enemy, always confident a Democrat would get into office that they don’t even show up to vote. That is how the aforementioned Cecil Bothwell was elected to office with what I was told was only a 14% voter turn out. This allowed a small number of local radicals to take control the city government. With that election, basic faith-based beliefs were finally flushed down the toilet and sent out to pasture by decades of arrogance by the voters of the Democrat Party.

But what the southern Democrats don’t get is that today’s Democrat is not their granddaddy’s or even your daddy’s Democrat. For myself, I never left following the belief of ideas from my college days of fifty years ago, a registered Democrat living in Kentucky at the time and a JFK follower. He was so well loved, virtually anyone today who was alive when Kennedy was shot (the word they used) can tell you where they were located and what they were doing the moment they heard the news.

Unlike what I have found in western North Carolina, I didn’t follow any political party through-out my life. Instead I followed leaders of conviction who wanted to lead. And for me that continues to be John Fitzgerald Kennedy. After you listen to his State of the Union speech on May 25th, 1961, linked above, you will better understand how things today have obviously "changed" in the leadership and character of a president assigned to protect our nation!  Have you noticed how the administration is threatening us with ridiculous claims that we will have to cut Medicare and Social Security?

Because of that, I had to register as a Republican so I could continue to follow the ideology of Kennedy, who advocated the protection of our nation, the dangers of Communism, and to never make fun of the strength of our nation and the people who serve it, as today’s Washington Democrats love to do. You can click on the photo on the right to read about the new Democrat’s Politics of Fear.

So not being one who follows the mythical lemmings running over the cliff, I wanted to discover the truth of how blacks in North Carolina felt about the North Carolina Democrat Party holding its annual fund raiser named after a White Supremacist, Charles Aycock.

To discover the truth, I actually drove in the early evening to the Grove Park Inn Resort and Spa in the early fall of 2008 to see if any blacks from inside or outside the state were protesting candidate Obama, who was speaking at the Aycock fund raiser that night.

Of course you guessed it. Instead all I found was mostly lilly-white Democrats all dressed up in their fancy clothes headed into the entrance to meet Barack Obama, with not one single black protesting outside the event in remembrance to those innocent North Carolina businessmen who were murdered in 1898 because they were conservative and black.

To this end, I have a closing thought for Jesse Jackson, one who has become a spokesman for the black community:

"What a hoot, eh Jesse, no protestors at a Democrat event named after the White Supremacist, Charles Aycock, who wrote from the paragraph seen above, When the negro recognizes this fact we shall have peace and good will between the races?

Have an Oreo Cookie on the house from my freezer, your own president more of an actual Oreo cookie than those blacks you have so easily mocked over the years in the same way, calling them Oreo Cookies for their conservative views, the same blacks Charles Aycock helped to murder in the North Carolina massacre of 1898.

That’s because unlike the people you like to organize, black conservatives love their country, their freedom, and their right of self expression without having to get your approval. In your view, the rule seems to apply to give a man a fish so he can eat for one night, your hoping he’ll want you to come back the next day with another fish, and then another and another.

But in the view of black conservatives, teach a man to fish and he wouldn’t need handouts. In fact, he wouldn’t need anyone’s damn handouts, black, white, or another other color! And that’s why you seem to like those you lead to be as if barefoot and hungry needing your help, keeping that money flowing in to fill your closet with all those suits and airline tickets.

About 25-years ago on a business trip I saw you standing alone in a Memphis airport, and I nodded my head in your direction. I respected you then. But somewhere along the line the ideologies of you and King traveled on different roads.

King wanted respect for his people. You used them. King wanted them to stand up and move on to be independent. You have kept them needing you. And so it continues to be since King’s death of over forty years ago, as if his message of respect didn’t make it into your travel bags.

Millions of Americans, black and white and not just you, remember those difficult times when everyone was asking, ‘Where did you go, John, Bobby, and Martin?’

King was like Jesus, ready to sacrifice his life for his people. You were like Judas, loving those 13 pieces of silver every time your face appeared before a camera.

King will always be remembered for his non-violence, today a giant in American history. You will always be remembered but for your threats, turning everyday blacks into everyday thugs. King wanted respect for blacks. You want people to fear them.

Good luck with that as a new tide has reached our nation’s shore, washing in over 12-million illegal aliens that your president wants to make into legal citizens, in the process taking away more jobs from blacks who listened to you and not to Rev. King."

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I–
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost

On The Web:   http://www.freedomisknowledge.com/obamaaycock.html


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