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The western political and Christian world have been under attach by atheists and agnostic socialists for more than the last 400 years. Early socialists were called “Levellers”, then “Equalitarians”, then “Egalitarians”, then “Marxists”, then “Fabians”, then “Socialists” and today in the U.S. they are simply called “Liberals” or “Democrats” and some are “Republicans.” The rear-guard and authority driving and permitting these movements has been the ever-present “Fascists.”

The only thing now new to Americans is not socialism or facism but it is their newly found willingness to admit that socialism is transitioning into American “Communism.” And in Communism, Americans now recognise the final demise of their 1st world status as the American economy careens toward a 2nd and 3rd world status. All most Americans see that is left of past economic successes is its military (and they have undergone defeats constructed by civilian U.S. politicians). Unfortunately, the social reconstruction and social engineering programs of American Liberals have met with almost complete success in our northern and western States and with some success amoung Christians of the Southern States. Success in eliminating Christian thinking and input in national policy has become all too achievable.

Great strides have been successful in seeking to distort how Christians form governments that would preserve their concepts of freedom and true liberty. During the last one-hundred years Christian input has been entirely eliminated in the U.S. government; however, government at State levels still responds upon occasion to the balanced views of orthodox Christian voters and their moral perspectives, but most of the historic institutions that preserved clear notions of liberty and freedom are now destroyed. Many of those institutions now are openly Marxist.

Book Note:

How Unitarians & Agnostics Influenced Christmas Practices in the United States examines and explains the origin and nature of the incarnation of God’s only Son as to the manner in which it has come to be popularly celebrated and revered in the United States of America as a secular Christ-denying pseudo-religious event. Who are the agnostics and how have they come to dominate western Christianity from within the American Christian church itself? How is it that many Christians and Christian denominations have accepted the social, cultural and political agenda of modern agnosticism and socialism in the place of solid orthodox Biblical theology? Why do Christians experience an allergic reaction to the study of Biblical “doctrines”? Is it fair to say, as many western Christians do, that communism is the truest form of Christianity? This betrayal is at the heart of apostate American pseudo-Christianity and it explains how Americans no longer, even remotely, are capable of thinking like a free or Christian people.

Every Christmas Christian ministers, churches and Christian families struggle to know how to relate to “the season.” Most clergy, overwhelmed by the secular and materialistic practices that so clearly define much of American industrial, entertainment, and business society, quietly comply with the American post-Christian culture and values while a remaining Christian remnant seek to discover what their churches can do to take advantage of this hi-jacked major “holiday (holy day)” to turn the hearts and minds of their parishioners and the surrounding secular and agnostic communities to God and the wondrous miracle of the incarnation of the promised Messiah. To order: Make the check to “Tim Manning” and send to 160 Longbridge Drive, Kernersville, NC 27284.

The Attached Essay:

The attached article by M. E. Bradford on Lincoln and the Language of Hate and Fear: A View From the South is an excellent explanation about Abraham Lincoln that dispels many of the myths about the Lincoln persona. Bradford eloquently gives details that are most revealing and lifts much of the mysterious and hysterical hype that cloaks an open discussion about the end of the Republic of the U.S. and the destruction of the Confederate Republic of the Southern States. This essay was one of the essays that prevented Bradford’s nomination for appointment to Ronald Reagans administration from being confirmed by the U.S. Senate. This is a classic piece of history that every serious historian needs to understand. “Conservative” Republican senators hated Bradford for the history he brought to light in this work.

May God bless you as your read.

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