South rebel flag to remain

By Bill Christian
August 16, 2010

Students at Sullivan South High School will be allowed to fly the rebel flag during football games and other sporting events this year. After numerous complaints to Sullivan County schools, a committee was formed to look at the concerns.

"We felt like that our school has a perception issue that other people from other areas might perceive that flag in a way different from how our kids perceive it," said Greg Harvey, Sullivan South Principal.

The committee determined that banning the rebel flag would create even more issues, like so they came up with a compromise. New flags, called spirit flags will be flown along side the rebel flag.

"Our main goal is to try and get the perception changed from how people maybe view that flag and our school," Harvey said.

The new flags include the Bonnie Blue, and four others. So far they are a hit with students.

"I like them, they are really cool, they have our school colors in them," said Heath Haden, student.

But will this solution to the problem be enough to quiet critics of the flag?

"I can’t speak for everybody, but I feel this is the best for our students," Harvey said.

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