The Harsh Reality of Federal Supremacy

James Ronald Kennedy

California, Arizona, & Louisiana

We the people of the once sovereign states live in the shadow of Federal tyranny. For example; when the people of California expressed their sovereign will in an open plebiscite a Federal judge nullified the will of the people; when the elected legislature of Arizona passed a law to defend the people of that once sovereign state against armed criminal invasion originating from a foreign country, the Federal President filed a suit in the Federal court to prevent Arizona from executing its inalienable right of self-defense; and when the elected governor of Louisiana attempted to protect his state from a man-made disaster in the Gulf of Mexico the Federal bureaucracy stepped in and halted his efforts—the central theme of all of these examples is the fact of the harsh, oppressive, and unconstitutional reality of America’s current system of Federal supremacy.

At the Federal level in contemporary America there is a great divide between the unrepresented taxpaying class and the Federally represented (and Federally protected) tax consuming class. Those tax consumers who support the political status quo in Washington, D. C. and their political hirelings find nothing unusual, and actually celebrate the outcomes of the three examples above. The perks, privileges, and powers that are derived from the status quo, or the close connections they enjoy with the status quo, benefits the tax consuming class and they therefore find great incentive to encourage the expansion of Federal supremacy. Politicians such as Peter Stark who recently declared that the Federal government could do anything it wanted; or Nancy Pelosi who declared that questions regarding constitutional authority for congressional actions were “not a serious question;” or President Obama’s declaration while running for office that the Federal government had a right to redistribute Joe the Plumber’s wealth demonstrate a thorough repudiation of the Constitution. Whereas our founding fathers created a limited Federal government, today’s “status quo” politicians see only unlimited power to promote their socialists agenda. In their very words and by their actions Stark, Pelosi, and Obama demonstrate the pervasive acceptance by America’s political status quo of the notion that the Constitution, as an instrument to limit Federal powers and protect individual rights reserved to we the people of once sovereign states, is no longer relevant in modern America.

The concept of Federal supremacy is not new; it did not originate with the Obama administration or with the Democratic Party, but is something that began early in America’s constitutional history. The adoption and enthusiastic acceptance of Federal supremacy by the political status quo reflects a strategic shift in the manner in which American liberty is defined. Prior to Appomattox, even in many Northern States, it was accepted as a tenant of American political faith that the States created the Federal government and that we the people of the sovereign states were the final judge as to the constitutionality of the actions of our agent—the Federal government. But as Governor Yates of Illinois noted in 1865 the War for Southern Independence had “tended, more than any other event in the history of the country, to militate against the Jeffersonian idea that the best government is that which governs least.”

Too many modern day “conservatives” take great hope in the upcoming November elections—seeing the possibility of Republicans reclaiming control of Congress as a solution to the harsh reality of Federal supremacy. Unfortunately this is a false hope! As in a military campaign mere tactical victories may be impressive but they do not procure final victory. The heroic victory of Manassas (that’s Bull Run for those schooled in mere Yankee history) did not stave off the final sad reality of Appomattox—tactical victories regardless of how exciting are no substitute for a strategic victory. Yet one more false promise of a Republican “Contract for America” will produce nothing more than possibly one more exciting “conservative” tactical victory—at the end of the day, however, the political status quo in Washington, D.C. and Federal supremacy will remain intact and ready to be harshly applied when next called upon. We the people of the sovereign states do not need tactical victories we need a strategic victory—a victory that permanently deprives the power elite of the unconstitutional perks, privileges, and powers inherent in their system of Federal supremacy!

The only way to gain a strategic victory over the current system of Federal supremacy is to pass a constitutional amendment acknowledging the inalienable right of we the people within our sovereign state to nullify acts of our agent, the Federal government which we judge to be beyond its constitutional authority. How many more times will the we the people of once sovereign states allow our agent, i.e., the Federal government, to act as our master rather than our servant? How much more liberty will we allow the agents of the status quo to trample upon before we demand a REAL change in how we are governed? Going to Washington, D.C., hat in hand, every four years and imploring our masters to “play nice according to the rules of the game” will never defend, let alone reclaim, our liberty. Real state’s rights including the right of nullification and/or secession are the only remedies an otherwise unresponsive Federal government will respond too. For a full explanation of how this can be done, see Nullification: Why and How. A free copy of this book can be downloaded at
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