Statement on Glenn Beck Rally from the League of the South


On Saturday, 28 August, we witnessed–in the flesh–a false dichotomy in Washington, DC. Not that this ought to surprise anyone. To paraphrase a prominent Southern statesman, George Wallace – “There isn’t a dime’s worth of difference …”

One on side, we have Al Sharpton and his merry band of Perpetually Angry Colored People screaming and shouting to “Reclaim the Dream” of Martin Luther King, Jr.

On the other, we find the Plump Pasty Weasel of Faux Conservatism, Glenn Beck . . . doing the very same thing.

Hmmm . . . American lefties and righties both claiming the legacy of MLK, Jr.? Both lefties and righties meeting at the shrine to out-of-control big government, the Lincoln Memorial? The League of the South will pass on this deal.

Just how are these two groups different? George Wallace was of course right, and because of the failed polices of both the lefties and righties a dime today buys only a fraction of what it did during George’s day.

For sixteen years The League of The South has stated there is virtually no real difference between mainstream conservatives and liberals or between Republicans and Democrats. This latest little exhibition demonstrates that false dichotomy. Yes, both Al Sharpton and Glenn Beck have a dream as did their heroes Lincoln and King. But their dreams do not match and are at odds with the dream of the Southern people – to Restore the Principles of Our Founding Fathers!

Just another example to show that the mainstream brand of conservatism served up by Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin doesn’t really conserve anything except socialist gains from previous generations. Their talk of belief in “limited government” and “Constitutional government” is insincere and hypocritical when they pay homage to the man who drove the nails in the coffin of our Constitutional Republic. The Beck-Palin movement will lure many well-meaning but gullible conservatives to the same place the marching band ended up in the homecoming parade in the movie “Animal House”–down a blind, dead-end alley.

If Beck-Palin conservatism doesn’t appeal to you and you really don’t think you belong in a milquetoast organization such as the GOP, then consider The League of the South. We think you might like our uncompromising stand for the principles upon which our country was founded and for a real solution to our problems–Southern independence.

Michael Hill and Mike Crane,
for The League of the South Board of Directors

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