Rally For Bryce Archambo

26 January 2007, Farmington, Missouri a rally was held in support of Bryce Archambo,
who was illegally kicked out of school at Farmington High School, for daring to
honor his heritage.Rally in support of Bryce Archambo

A few weeks ago, I was made aware of a young man (Bryce Archambo) in Farmington,
Missouri being thrown out of school, for refusing to remove his Confederate
Flag bearing T-shirt. I was naturally proud of him for making his stand, it
was a righteous one. I went to a website and left some Pro-Confederate comments.
Then when I discovered a rally was being organized in support of Bryce, I decided
to attend. It’s only about a 3 or 4 hour drive from home, and it was going to
feature some speakers I really wanted to hear. My friends Clint Lacy, and H.K.
Edgerton were both going to be speaking, as well as others. Well the rally was
held this past Friday night, January 26, 2007.

Kristi (my wife) and I arrived just a few minutes late (Mapquest’s directions
left something to be desired), and we noticed several Police cars in the area,
but we parked and went inside. The first thing we noticed was a huge display
of Dixie Outfitters T-shirts. I didn’t count them, but there were probably 6
large banquet tables full, later I found out that Dewey Barber, founder of Dixie
Outfitters donated the T-shirts to Bryce, to help offset expenses incurred in
his legal battle. Shirts were given to any student wanting one and sold to others
for $5. That just goes to prove that Dewey Barber’s talk ain’t cheap, he puts
his money where his mouth is. While walking past the tables of shirts, I met
Bryce’s Dad, a very personable sort of fellow.

We weren’t the only ones late, as it turned out. Terry ("T") Warren,
a Confederate musician, ( from "Ill Annoy" as he calls it) also ran
late, due to several unfortunate turn of events. The crowd wasn’t as large as
expected, or hoped for, in a venue such as we had. But those that were there
were in for a treat. Anyway, we were able to visit a few minutes before things
got going. Kristi and I visited a bit with Clint and Michelle Lacy . Clint introduced
us to Bryce, later we would meet Bryce’s Mom. Everyone we met from the Archambo
family was delightful, and we were thrilled and honored to meet them.

Then I went over to introduce Kristi to H.K. Edgerton. I gave H.K. a "Rebel
Cooler" neckerchief to use in that hot Southern sun, in the Summer months
ahead. I took a picture of Clint and Michelle with H.K. and Clint took one of
Kristi and me with H.K.

It wasn’t too long before things got started, and we settled down in our seats
to hear some good speeches, and we were not disappointed. Clint, who served
as MC of the event, introduced the first speaker, Mr. Gary Ayres, Cdr. John
T. Coffee SCV Camp. Mr. Ayres spoke on the importance of parents getting and
staying involved in education, and insisting on OUR history and values being
reflected in the classroom. Not allowing the school administrators to bull doze
their agenda through on our children. We pay the taxes that pay them, we need
to hold them accountable.

The next speaker up, was Clint Lacy. He continued the education them with a
famous quote from CSA Gen. Patrick Cleburne "It means the history of this
heroic struggle will be written by the enemy; that our youth will be trained
by Northern schoolteachers; will learn from Northern school books their version
of the war; will be impressed by the influences of history and education to
regard our gallant dead as traitors, and our maimed veterans as fit objects
for derision" Clint pointed out that what Cleburne warned about was prophetic,
and that Bryce was a perfect example of it. He gave a brief account of some
of Missouri’s Confederate history, and the fact that Missouri endured the War
of Northern Aggression more than just 1861 to 1865, for Missouri, the war began
much earlier. He continued by exposing the fraud and idiocy of the claims of
our flags being called "racist".

Then Clint introduced Bryce’s attorney, Mr. Robert Herman, a St. Louis based
nationally renowned "civil rights" and "free speech" attorney.
Mr. Herman made a fine speech on the importance of free speech to freedom in
general. And the fact that we do not lose our Constitutionally protected rights
simply by passing through school house doors.

Next to take the stage was Mr. Dewey Barber, founder and president of Dixie
Outfitters. He briefly mentioned his company (he made no mention of the donated
T-shirts), then went on to talk of the true reasons for Lincoln’s war, that
being a war for wealth and power, and the effects of war and "reconstruction"
that continue to this very day. He went on to talk about the powerful centralistic
empire that has been growing ever since the war, and how it continues to send
brave Americans off to die in wars of greed. He spoke of the 3000 Americans
that have died so far in Iraq. Mr. Barber’s speech was interrupted by H.K. coming
to inform him the reporters were in a hurry to leave, and they wanted to hear
H.K. before they left. So Mr. Barber graciously agreed to relinquish the podium
to H.K. to accommodate the media. But before he was able to exit the stage,
"T" and Pam Warren presented Dewey a Confederate heritage award.

Then H.K. took the stage, with his usual prerequisite, we all sang "Dixie".
H.K. then started "shelling the corn". It wasn’t long before the reporters
had a snppit of film and a sound bite, and they were ready to leave. They had
no intention of covering the story, just gathering enough to try to discredit
everything. A reporter went up to the front of the stage to retrieve his microphone,
and H.K. called him down, and chewed on his butt a bit for cutting out, but
it didn’t matter to the media moron. He left without hearing hardly any of an
outstanding speech. H.K. talked about his march across Dixie, the contributions
by Blacks to the Confederate war effort, both at home and on the battlefield.
H.K. talked of the abuses of blacks and whites by the yankee soldiers and carpetbaggers,
and the forced conscription of Southern blacks into the yankee army. The designed
instigation by the yankee government to keep us fighting among ourselves to
distract us from the big picture. He spoke of the "so called Preachers"
Je$$e Jack$on and Al $harpton, and how they always bring up slavery, then he
asked, Why don’t those "PREACHERS" look at what the Bible says about
slavery? He told of the Biblical story of Christ himself instructing a runaway
slave girl to return to her master, and to honor him. He continued to say; "I’m
glad MY great Grandmother came here, and she didn’t go back to Africa, she learned
how to fry chicken and bake cornbread, they weren’t frying chicken back in Africa!"
He added; "I don’t want to go back to Africa, THIS is MY country, and THIS
(The Confederate Battle Flag) is MY FLAG!" He wound up his speech by passionately
reciting the poem; "I am the Confederate Flag"

All of the speakers gave outstanding performances, and there were numerous standing
ovations, bursts of applause and shoutings of "Amen" during and following
nearly every speech.

After H.K. left the stage, "T" came up on stage to do a quick microphone
check, before the band, "T Warren and the Rebellion" took the stage
to perform. I believe it was at this point that "T" presented Bryce
Archambo an Associate Membership Certificate to Capt. James Knox Seaboard Guards
Camp 2022 "Ga. Div. S.C.V. Afterwards,while "T" was still on
stage, I raised my hand, and requested to make a few comments. I was given the
floor, and I proceeded, though I hadn’t come intending to speak and was neither
dressed for it, nor did I have a speech prepared. I just had to expand on a
few points others had made.

I introduced myself and commenced talking about the illegitimate nature of our
wars, the fact that, as Dewey Barber had stated, they are wars for wealth and
power. Also including the fact that every war since WW2 has been illegal and
un-Constitutional, that Congress alone is authorized to declare war. I mentioned
a few facts of Confederate history that have been suppressed, and strongly recommended
that everyone seek out true history and read and study it. I informed them that
virtually every ill of modern government we face is directly linked to Lincoln.
That there were a few minor encroachments upon freedom prior to Lincoln, but
he was the one who threw the flood gates wide open, and they haven’t been closed
since. I also advised them to go to www.SermonAudio.com
And download sermons by Pastor John Weaver, not only are they fine preaching,
but he incorporates a great (usually Southern) history lesson in almost every
one of them. Of special interest to Missourians, would be Brother Weaver’s 3
sermons on Jesse James and the one on The Union’s war against Women and Children,
wonderful teaching on them all. And a source for great true history books is:

www.confederatereprint.com , many fine previously out of print books are reprinted
and available at reasonable prices, such as "American Bastille", and
"Federal Usurpation", and many more. After I finally shut up and sat
down, others stood up and spoke as well, it kind of turned into an open forum.
It was very good and informative.

After all of that, "T" Warren and the Rebellion" cranked it up
with some fine picking and singing, which was especially appealing to the younger
set. I’m not sure how long they played, but I know it was enjoyed. Kristi and
I were hungry, so we headed out to the lobby, to buy a T-shirt and leave.

The next day, I emailed Clint Lacy and told him about it. Below is a portion
of that email.

I was very happy to get to speak a little. And my friend, I’m glad I did. I
believe few of the audience had any clue about our true history and heritage
prior to the rally. But I fully believe that MOST went away with a freshly opened
eyes. When I went out into the lobby area to buy a T-shirt, Bryce and several
of his buddies (half a dozen or more) were having HK sign their T-shirts, and
they INSISTED that I sign them as well, so I did. One of them told me that EVERYTHING
they had heard us speak about was TOTALLY UNLIKE ANYTHING they had ever heard.
Clint, we all played a part in opening the eyes of the blind. I believe, we
started a fire, that WILL NOT be extinguished. Those youngsters now realize
that they have been lied to for years, they seem eager to learn more. They now
have Southern pride, not Southern guilt. I was so thankful to have played a
small part in that awakening. That alone, made the whole trip worthwhile for
me. I was blessed by it, BIG TIME!

And I know there were some older folks too, behind where we sat that…it’s
like I saw the "lights come on" as I was speaking. Brother, we made
a difference, one that I believe will last. If we could do that every week,
MAN, what we could accomplish! We had a great time, and of course enjoyed all
of the speakers. Isn’t HK wonderful? I sure love that man. That was the first
time Kristi got to hear him, she really enjoyed him too!


Was the event as crowded as we hoped? No.
Was it a success? ABSOLUTELY, it was a SUPER success! We, by the grace of God,
awakened a good number of folks to the truth, got them charged up and chomping
at the bit. Their fires WILL NOT be extinguished!

God bless and guide the Archambo family as they bravely face the tyrannical
school board and faculty and the ignorant people of their community that oppose
them. The Archambo’s are after all fighting for ALL of us. I pray that God will
open the eyes of the enemies of truth, freedom and justice.

My personal "Thanks" to the Archambo family, and all those who participated
in any way in the program, including all who attended.

God bless y’all, everyone!
Joe Gresham

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